IZUNA: "So The World Might Be Mended" Demon's Souls Review

From Software does it again; develop a solid game to a niche market. Demon's Souls has been recommended to me for nearly a year since its release in the USA back in 2009. Exclusive to the PlayStation 3, it is an action-RPG built to give players an authentic sense of accomplishment.

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Baliw2849d ago

It's a great game.
The only game that makes you feel great while dying.

presto7172848d ago

I stopped playing for a while and then came back. Right now I'm trying to do an offline perfect run. And all that seems to be happening is - for lack of a better word- rape. Its just "you died" "you died" "you died" "you died" "you died". I'm like "WTF is this not the same game I played before"

I guess everything is different when you dont have two blue phatoms by your side.

midgard2272848d ago

i played mostly alone the 2nd time, and beat it far faster, got more events to happen, and atleast 60 lvls higher than first play thru (110).

although the falsa king wud be annoying to beat alone i wud imagine lol.

first time i played i got thru 60 percent of the game not knowing how to targeting helps lmao

BABY-JEDI2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

sorry, I just looked at your avatar pic. LoL ; )

andron6662848d ago

Not really a great RPG player, but I love the challenge and atmosphere of DS...

andron6662848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Normally I don't care about disagrees, but what was the problem with this comment?

If people thought I meant the game wasn't that great, that's not what I meant. I love the game and I am playing it now. I was only saying that I normally don't play RPGs, except for Fallout 3 and the like...

Donny2848d ago

HURRAH! great review, best rpg ive played ever.

BABY-JEDI2848d ago

but I think Demons Souls 2 would be better ; )

washingmachine2848d ago

the game is badazz,why havnt i got it yet? to intimidated lol

Morituri2848d ago

Dude, would you deprive yourself of a leather clad, raven haired beauty sporting a whip if you had the opportunity? She might leave some scars, but you'd certainly enjoy the experience!

bujasem_892848d ago

yes one of the best games i've played , they must must must make aother one . no question about it .

and please this time make enough copies xD

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The story is too old to be commented.