Lair Dev: Give the Motion Controls a Chance

Matthias Worch, Game Designer/Technical Art Director at Factor 5, gives his thoughts of finally finishing development on Lair and the positive and negative reviews it has received thus far:

"I'm aware of the reviews, of course. Some are very positive, some are not. The common complaint in those bad reviews seem to be the controls - putting the dragon steering on the motion-sensitive SIXAXIS controller doesn't sit well with some of the experienced gamers. First of all: try it out yourself, give it a chance!

And if you want my side of the story, I will share a simple anecdote: Victoria's family, lead by my 83-year old grandfather in law was able to pick up Lair in less than 5 minutes, fly around with the dragon and play the first mission of the game. That experience right there beats anything that the reviewers can say.

I enjoyed the experience and have tons of ideas on what to do next. In other words, I have already moved on to the next project... :)

P.S.: Hope you like the new vegetation in the final build :) "

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Watkins3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

I'm saying the same. Why is it so great to use motion controls with the Wii and not the PS3? There's not that much difference, except that the Wiimote looks like a wand and might feel more natural to swing around. Other than that ... ?

I'm not a very big fan of motion controls myself, and I've never found Wii that much fun to play, but I still think the same chance should be given the PS3. Not that I won't like Lair because of the controls. But it has to be executed in a way that feels natural, else it's just confusing. I bet Lair will achieve a natural feel, I just hope that you won't have to swing the control all over the place.

Anyways, I'm most likely gonna pick up this game when it hit the stores. A refreshing idea worth a shot.

InMyOpinion3947d ago

Because the Wii is designed around motion sensing. For the PS3 it was thrown in as a last minute resort cause they did'nt get rumble.

"First of all: try it out yourself, give it a chance!"

Kinda sad to see a developer begging for you to play his game. Let it speak for itself. If it's good it's good. If it's not, deal with it.

nasim3947d ago

day 1 purchase for me.

I am a graphic whore ....and LAIR is just my eye candy.

cant imagine what it would be like to battle 1000s of highly detailed dragons per screen.

FU** gayGM

Coffin873947d ago

this game is a day 1 buy.
too bad i'm german, and we didn't get a date yet, but i'm soo utterly excited about this game...
at the launch in march i only bought resistance + motorstorm, and these are the only ps3 games i own so far. this will be more than a worthy addition!!!

seriously, CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

larry0073947d ago


GAME PRO gave LAIR 7.5

EDGE gave LAIR 9.0

PLAY gave LAIR 9.0

GAME PRO has given LAIR a very good score .
LAIR lost points just because of CONTROLS....i mean on AIR u are allowed to use only the SIX AXIS which takes time to get used to.

GAMEPRO review below

GAMEPRO - 3.75/5 (A)

Pros: Gorgeous graphics, amazing orchestral soundtrack, dragon based action is fun.

Cons: The decision to use a SixAxis only control scheme hurts more than it helps.

Some random quotes from the review...


"To be fair, the motion sensing is pretty accurate but requiring you to constantly move your hands around while fiddling with buttons over the course of a fairly long game is asking too much. It's unfortunate that the game relies so heavily on a gimmicky feature that no one has been able to get a true grasp of (pun intended)."


"At it's best, the dragon-based combat of Lair is pretty damn awesome. Soaring around majestically in the sky; raining hot fiery dragon-breath death upon your foes' heads; grappling with other dragons and clawing their eyes out; leaping onto an enemy dragon-rider's back and hacking at him with your weapon; swooping down onto the ground and rampaging around like Godzilla--there's no shortage of thrills to be had."


"I should point out that we were playing an early review build and Factor 5 will probably make tweaks up to the moment the gold master goes off to the mastering lab, but the core gameply mechanics are already in place and there's no denying that it's flawed. I expect many fans will be disappointed thanks to all of the hype that's built up around the game, but the inevitable complaints about the control scheme will no doubt be warrented. Despite all this, Lair still manages to be a decent title that all PS3 owners should look into but you may want to reserve your true excitement for the day when the other hotly anticipated PS3 titles like Heavenly Sword arrive."


"The Sixaxis-only control scheme that plagues the game is noticably absent when you land your dragon on the ground as the analog sticks take over, making it easier to wreak havoc."

all sites except GAYGM gave LAIR bad scores.

BTW..what else do you expect from 1up/EGM/EUROGAMER and other 1up affiliated sites

shysun3947d ago

He's not begging you to like the game. He's simply saying just because one guy gives it a 5/10 review because of the controls, doesn't mean you'll hate it too. Case and point 9/10 from another website. Just give it a chance and maybe you'll find a gem!;)

techie3947d ago

"Let it speak for itself. If it's good it's good. If it's not, deal with it." Isn't that exactly what he said? You can't see whether it's good unless you try it and give it a chance....uh

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CourtesyFlush3947d ago

would be open minded to new control schemes that may take time to learn. It might not be as "natural" as the analog sticks that we've become so accustomed to, but that is how technologies evolve—through experimentation.

I don't know if there will be an option to defeat the motion control or not, but I'm looking forward to giving it a try. Heck, I used to move my hands all over the place playing Ace Combat, as if the added movement enhanced the analog sticks. So this should prove interesting.

Captain Tuttle3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Most people don't want to pay $60 for an experiment. It's a big enough gamble buying a game with regular controls. I'd really be hesitant to buy a game like this if you can't revert back to a traditional control scheme.

Edit: Good point hella whip, good point. But causal gamers and non-gamers think the Wii is fun. If Lair is fun, there won't be a problem. From what I've seen though it doesn't look that innovative, aside from a tacked on sixaxis control scheme. Just my opinion though.

I think Lair will fly off the rental store shelves and that's it.

hella whip3947d ago

@2.1 Haven't 8 million people paid £179 for a "experiment" (Nintendo Wii)

Lumbo3947d ago

A Demo has been announced for it already, so there isn't even a need to rent it, just download the free demo when it hits the PSN

hazeblaze3947d ago

I can say that after playing Warhawk for a month, it definitely takes time to get used to flying using the motion controls... but once you do it's AWESOME! And there are definitley more controls to use in Warhawk than Lair.

I think the difference is that Warhawk did offer the option to use the analog stick for those that couldn't get used to motion controls. But overall, I don't think motion controls will be a problem at all for me!

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Snake_Doctor3947d ago

The graphics warrant a rental so we shall see if it is worthy overall.

RadientFlux3947d ago

I agree, rental only for me. Honesty I never thought Lair would be my cup of tea. I hated Rogue Squadron series on the Gamecube, I was just hoping that Factor 5 would learn from their mistakes.

LSDARBY3947d ago

I was a bit skepticle about the controls i still am. But like he said ill have too try them out.

TheExecutive3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

yup yup... lets give it a shot. I bet most gamers, after getting used to it, will find it more enjoyable than analog. It may take some time, but i see nothing wrong with a learning curve. It makes your acheivements within a game more...well... rewarding.

PS- I think in the end, when we have finished the game, we will look back and say we wouldnt have it any other way... but that is just an opinion as of now...