Gates may be leaving Microsoft, but shows few signs of fading away

Co-founder is still engaged in technology strategy.

Microsoft Corp. is beset with competition from all sides, unlike any it has seen in decades, and Bill Gates, who co-founded the company 32 years ago, still intends to step away next year as planned.

But so far, Gates, Microsoft's 51-year-old chairman, shows no sign of fading away. One year into a planned two-year transition, there are few visible cues that he is ready to leave the world's technology stage to devote his energies principally to the $33 billion foundation he established seven years ago with his wife, Melinda.

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Azures3917d ago

A living god to those who wish to steal the ideas of others and get rich.

:) Couldn't resist

BIadestarX3917d ago

More like robin hood I guess?
It's good to know that evil men, such as mr. Gates... are using their fortune to help the needed... instead of using all that money to make more money or to even try to force HD DVD into people's home.

Azures3917d ago

Oh. Gates does help the less fortunate, indeed he does. His company however has never tried bullying companies into using their software if they want to use the OS, or giving their consumers they knew were not ready for distribution or are just inherently faulty...

NOOO they'd never do that.

Again, the hate is at MS not Gates. I was just poking fun.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3917d ago

If I wern't trying to turn over a new leaf and not be such a d!ck to other fans I would and was thinking that exact same sh!t.

CodeMonkey3917d ago

Xerox got their code stolen by Mac.
Gates worked for Mac.
Gates took the code from Mac and made Microsoft.

The stealing of the code did not originate from Gates. At least he was smart enough to apply it in a smart fashion. Macs = crap.

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Odion3917d ago

Gates is a freaking prince, he's donated more money then any other person in the world

tomfoolery3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

Anyone that talks sh1t,is just a pimple faced Sonydip or a jealous
failure that trembles in awe at the fortunes he's made.

Azures3917d ago

Most people don't have anything against Gates, its his company they have a problem with.

TaylorB3917d ago

This isn't too surprising. Seeing as him and his wife have been extremely busy with the Melinda Gates foundation. He's stated multiple times over the last year that he wants to phase out of Microsoft and transition the executive decisions over.

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The story is too old to be commented.