PS one game withdrawn from PlayStation Network

Sony has confirmed to that problems with one of the downloadable PSone games released on PlayStation Network last Thursday have led to its withdrawal.

MediEvil has a confirmed crash-bug that causes it to fail on the third level. Sony said it will return to PSN once fixed, and that anybody who has paid for it will then be able to re-download it for free.

Sony is also investigating reports of audio problems in Spyro 2, which remains available on the store despite anecdotal reports of broader issues.

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zoibie3948d ago

Well Spyro 2 has also been taken off now as well, not only was the sound going but it would fail to load entering Idol Springs (i know myself)

But look at the good news, Crash 2 seems to be working fine.

Captain Tuttle3948d ago

It's just one buggy game. How many PS1 games are available for download at PSN?

Shadow Flare3948d ago

in the european store there are like about...6 or 7, i think roughly the same in USA. In Japan there's like 20 or something lol, but most of them are some weird japanese games

I've got all the euro psone games except medieval. The best ones are Crash 1&2, but i really want WipeOut 2097!

Captain Tuttle3948d ago

Only 6 or 7? I thought there'd be alot more by now. One buggy game does have an impact then. Thanks for the reply.

gta_cb3948d ago

i hope they get the game up on the PSN for when i get my PS3, as they did say it would be put back up when the bug has been taken out =)

LSDARBY3948d ago

There are alot more games on US PSN than UK. Im glad i didnt buy Spyro on Thursday then lol.

MaximusPrime3948d ago

me neither. i didnt buy both Spyro and Medievil. Just Crash 2. I'm still enjoying this classic game ;)

Ares843948d ago

....I go to and buy PS1 classics for .99/ea. Yea the shipping is 3.99 but still you get the CD itself. I think it's better that way!

weazle3948d ago

I would much rather see Sony focusing on getting the newest titles launched and making them bug free rather than old PS1 or PS2 games. Maybe there would not be as many delayed new games if they would put more resources into the newer titles. I personally bought the system for playing the next generation of games. I didn't spend $600 to play outdated PS1 and PS2 games.

Just my personal opinion. Not trying to start a flame war here..

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