The Golden Compass Preview

The business of turning movies into video games has always been a brisk one, but it seems that publishers do especially well when the movie in question is geared towards kids. For example, the various Harry Potter games haven't been all that well ranked in the reviews on TeamXbox and other game-related sites, but that hasn't stopped Electronic Arts from selling a bunch of them with each new title it ships.

Sega is hoping to get some of that same consumer enthusiasm when it ships The Golden Compass this December, which is expected to coincide with the December 7 release to theaters of the film starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig-which in turn was based on an award-winning novel by Phillip Pullman entitled Northern Lights from his "Dark Materials" trilogy.

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Siesser3919d ago

His Dark Materials Trilogy is my second favorite book series ever, so I wish the movie the best of luck. So many people haven't heard of it, so it's going to be great to see the series get some recognition when the movie comes out in December.

As for the game, I think I have sadly out-grown the target demographic for it, and would probably spend a majority of the time complaining about this or that being wrong. But I hope it does well (why they're releasing a ps3 version is beyond me though; how many ps3 ownders are likely to want this game? A PS2 offering would have worked just as well).

Anyways, as long as New Line pumps as much into this trilogy as they did with LOTR, I'm going to be satisfied; Pullman's already given his approval on most everything they've done with the characters and filming thus far.