Overlord Coming to PS3?

A job listing on Triumph Studio's website, the developers of Overlord, a game recently released on the Xbox 360 and PC platforms, has been posted, with a responsibility of "Porting X360/PC code base to PS3." A glance into Triumph Studio's past library illustrates that their last game was released in 2003, and there are no currently announced titles.

See the job description by clicking the jump.

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Captain Tuttle3920d ago

Spread the wealth is what I say.

JsonHenry3920d ago

The game sucks, it would be a waste of money to port it to the trash.

Captain Tuttle3920d ago

but who cares? Port away. Some PS3 owners will like it.

marionz3920d ago

actually this game is pretty good, the only things that let it down is the graphics repetitive dialogue and countless glitches the developer left in
the idea for the game is good and i had fun playing it but it has a real unfinished feel to it, not worth buying but fully worth a rental
if sony gets it i dont care, it was never stated as a 360 exclusive that i know of, lets just hope the sloppy devs sort out the glitches first, like i said it is a fun game though

Double-Edged3920d ago

But i am downloading the demo on my 360 as of now.

heard mixed reviews.

RadientFlux3920d ago

I hope so, Overlord was an amazing game, once you got past the camera issues.

Odion3920d ago

its not something that I would loose sleep over

Ares843920d ago

HA HA!! (at the xbox fanboys)

Dlacy13g3920d ago

Umm....did you just turn twelve?

Ares843920d ago

I will turn 23 soon but it's ok:)
You know...after all the Xbox fanboyism (that I see on this site and on other sites like I'm entitled to be a fanboy to right??
How does it feal when an exclusive that Xbox fans where talking about will come to the PS3?? sucks huh???
And when a PS3 fan sais that (HAHA we got your exclusive) all the Xbox fans will start defenting themselfs just like you did now!

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The story is too old to be commented.