Call Of Duty 4: Huge multiplayer and singleplayer summary

Summary on every piece of COD4 info and media released. All info extracted and put into one huge summary.

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PS360PCROCKS3763d ago

I cannot wait for this game. Sucks everything is coming out at once this year. Too much money to spend.

Morbius4203763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

in their game releasing policy. They still believe in the archaic thinking that people don't buy games throughout the year. If they just spread out the release dates many games that are good won't be ignored under the AAA fall madness. Spreading out releases also is good for business because more games won't be heading to the bargain bin before their time.

Personally if more games were released during the first quarter I would buy more of them. As it is I have to follow my budget when it comes to getting games during the holidays because I have Christmas and Halloween shopping to deal with.

PS360PCROCKS3763d ago

Could not agree more. They totally neglect us and release everything during christmas time to get the biggest profit possible. But they do fail to realize that like you said if they scatter the releases games would get more attention therefore having a stronger showing across all their games, not just one or two.

omansteveo3763d ago

I agree with Morbius420 its in desperate need of a change i mean with the success of games like Lost Planet(Jan 07') and Dead Rising(Aug 06')
not being relesed in the holiday season i thought things would change heck even Prey did well in the summer last year

BrainDrain3763d ago

I think the reason you see this trend is that, during the holidays, this is when more "mom and dad" purchases are made. Meaning, when little timmy ask for a game (or games) for Christmas, Mom/Dad rush out to get it. I think that is why you see more releases during the holidays.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3763d ago

If they realy want to maximize profits they need to spread it out so "budgit" gamers can have a chance to save. I mean hell we all wanna play the big games on release but it's kinda hard when you have so many choices and so little money.

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tosh613763d ago

Is any of this official for PS3 also. I hope we actually get stuff like 360 does. The online portion for COD 3 on PS3 was cheap

God of Gaming3763d ago

I am sure it will be similar but again the online beta is only for 360 so thats not a good sign. I would hope IW gives PS3 owners a good online portion.

But an interesting thing to look at is the official forums... about 10 times the posts and interest in the 360 section over the PS3 section. I would assume that might have impact on how much time they put into each version sadly.

Thump19673763d ago

The more I see of it,just looking like a contender for the Game of the Year

HeavyweightInTheGame3763d ago

This will definetely be top 5 for GOTY. Going to be the hardest year ever to pick one imo.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3763d ago

I hope I can find enough time for these MP games, I got Shadowrun, Rainbow, FEAR, BFMC and GRAW2 to play and then I have Halo 3, Quake Wars, COD4, Frontlines, Battlefield, Team Fortress and sleeper MP hits like Turok, BlackSite Area 51 and TimeShift, not to mention those that might just pop up out of thin air.

ASSASSYN 36o3763d ago

I am going to love this game but the b button is held to crouch...come on thats stupid and counter productive to aiming. My third hand never grew how the heck can you hold a B button and aim at the same time.

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