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Submitted by Buff1044 1978d ago | article

Most Embarrassing Moments In Gaming (RunDLC)

RunDLC posted an article on the most embarrassing ways to die or lose in video games, from getting knocked out by Glass Joe in Punch-Out!! to dying right at the beginning of Super Mario Bros. (Doom, Doom II, PS3, Super Mario Bros., Tetris, Tetris (WiiWare), Wii, Xbox 360)

knight626  +   1978d ago
i hate when the mario one 1-1 especially when friends playing we take turns and takaes forever for controller to come back to me
qiqi6622   1978d ago | Spam
XxZxX  +   1978d ago
Getting owned online by younger gamers.. happen all the time. It's a matter of dedication, as we grow ups, we can't just keep play games all day. There are other stuffs to do ya know. So getting owned online by younger kids, well I said I have a fair share of mine. Those who are on tops now may laughs but one day you will join our club... I guarantee
caca93   1978d ago | Spam

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