SOCOM: Tactical Strike Gameplay

New SOCOM PSP gameplay. It's much more tactical, but it still plays like a shooter.

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shysun3792d ago

Anything Socom,I'm in!!

devi8i3792d ago

I was watching the video and was going to comment that for a nexgen game this looked very PS2ish in terms of graphics, and was thinking wtf. Then I re-read the headline and noticed it was PSP. Very impressive.

Anyone else notice how the Tom Clancy games are moving away from their tactical roots while the SOCOM games are gravitating more towards it?

timmyp533792d ago

i think the devs are putting the unlocked clockspeed to good use

Daishi3791d ago

As much as I loved the other two games I'm gonna have to wait and see how this turns out before I dive in.