Loco Roco sequels planned for PSP as well as PS3

At the PlayStation Premier event in Tokyo this month, Sony showed off Buu Buu Cocoreccho! by LocoRoco, a sequel that is "LocoRoco, but it's not ... a peculiar extra chapter." So that takes care of PS3, and Joystiq have their suspicions about a mobile version, but what about the most obvious platform of all, the PSP? Joystiq had a chance to speak with Loco Roco's director Tsutomu Kouno at the Develop conference and, when asked if there will be a Loco Roco 2 for the PSP, he responded, "Yes, there will. I'm thinking about a sequel for the PSP right now. I got a lot of feedback from players that they bought a PSP just to play Loco Roco so I feel like I have to make a sequel for them."

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gunnerforlife3981d ago

wat is this game iy looks like it was created for kids

teh_tourist3981d ago

good for PS3
i always wanted to play locoroco