Get the most out of Heavenly Sword

Burned through the demo already? Games radar's six simple tips will tell you what you might be missing..

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360Sheep3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

ah yes, well at least i learned what those pips were, the 3 little circles in the life meter. I guess I used it once when i had 3 during the last part, just got a guy and flung him around my head helicopter style, and I guess I killed em all cuz the 3 dudes rushed in and it was over. But yea, those aerial combos are fun, trying to do different things. Button mashing is not for this game, its plays much much better, when you push buttons at the end of one attack, there are even combos that you have to wait once she lands from a strike where she jumps in the air.. seriously this game has almost limitless combos.

GoLeafsGo3916d ago

I think most of us figured this out by our second playthrough (because the first one was waaaaaay too short =p)!

Good tips, though.

Azures3916d ago

Getting good makes the demo so much quicker lol. Counter nearly every attack on the platform, by the time I start the second fight...Level 3 SuperStyle...demo ends.


razer3916d ago

bored with it.. I'm ready to play the full game.

Frulond3916d ago

but used twice the supper style, first time in the 2nd arena and killed everything (had 3 dots i guess) and 2nd time used it in first arena with 1 dot. nice to know what they are.

I have played this demo about 10 times now and tried every combo, its great you have to actually watch Nariko in order to push next button timed right, cause this actually makes you look at your character movements which can be easily missed in other games where you have to button mash and you are just looking at the screen to see where the next hit is coming from.

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