BioShock receives 95% from PC Gamer

Here's what PC Gamer says about Bioshock:

A dark and astonishing masterpiece.
Disturbing and spectacular.

-A horror game
-A long game
-A Shock game

It's not:
-About killing kids

Final Score: 95% = Sublime

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MK_Red3885d ago

9.5 nice. I was hoping for another 10 or at least a 9.6 but this is good. Really good. Cant wait for Bioshock. And for such a revolutionary and big game to be not bugged or not demanding, its an amazing feat. For me, GOTY is between this, Assassin's Creed and GTA4. (Unless we get MGS4 this year). Honorable mentions: Mass Effect, Rock Band and Call of Duty 4.

Omegasyde3885d ago

This was one of those games that deserved the hype, survived the hyped, and delivered.

Not too many games due that now adays.

MK_Red3885d ago

True, not many games deserve their hype and live up to it. I seriously hope Fallout 3 follows this trend and is a superb masterpiece, worthy of its E3 hype (And making Fallout 1&2 proud). Love the Fallout's Vault Boy cameo in Bioshock.

the_round_peg3885d ago

OXM gave Gears of War 9 out of 10.

OXM gives BioShock 10 out of 10.

MK_Red3885d ago

Are you sure? Thats just wow. Kudos to OXM for being unbiased and accurate, also more proof that Bioshock is a true masterpiece and hopefully one of the best games of our time.

the_round_peg3885d ago

but I was just in the official Xbox forums, and that's what people said in there.

Dr Pepper3885d ago

@ ktchong

Gears got a 10/10 from OXM

JasonPC360PS3Wii3885d ago

I'm just going to assume your mad because it's not on the PS3

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Rooted_Dust3885d ago

I like that we're getting reviews a little before the actuall release, so you know what to expect if you buy on release day.

PS360WII3885d ago

Wow 2 well recieved reviews for this one! Glad I have it pre-ordered ^^

Syko3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

Uh Oh, MS haters are not gonna be happy bout this.

Gonna take a beast of a PC to run this well.

[email protected] - It was more geared at all the haters saying OXM gave it that to hype it's own system. Not to mention all the people saying they don't care about this game. PC magazines have no reason to score it high unless it's a great game. Plus, PC games always seem to be reviewed more harshly than console games. So a 95% means it is a GREAT game.

The second comment was more about if you don't already have a beast of a PC, you better get a 360. It will be a hell of a lot cheaper than buying a decked out gaming rig.

Rooted_Dust3885d ago

This isn't Microsoft's game, it belongs to 2K and Irrational games. They only way for MS to profit is if someone buys a console in order to get this game.

GameOn3885d ago

wouldnt MS get a small cut for it being on their system, just wondering.

BLACKJACK VII3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

Well, I dont know if someone would run out & get a 360 *just* for Bioshock alone...... maybe Bioshock, Gears of War, Halo 3 & Mass Effect ! Sounds like 4 really good reasons to buy a 360 & you can have 'em all before Christmas !!!

JasonPC360PS3Wii3885d ago

Or a PC with XP or vista, sorry bro I like half of what you say but your wrong here. Thats three products that MS can sell with this high scoring exclusive, so yeah I think they do benefit here.

risk3885d ago

srsly...who buys windows? -.-

DG3882d ago

Every person who buys a non built PC wheter you like it or not! Yes even you are an MS corporate slave!!!!!!

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