Eurogamer:Heavenly Sword first impressions

By now you'll have read Eurogamer's recent Heavenly Sword first impressions. By now you'll have downloaded the Heavenly Sword demo released on PSN last week. By now you'll have been able to finish it approximately 47 million times. By now you've probably decided it's too short and doesn't really show us anything we didn't know.

There have definitely been complaints. First up, it lasts about five minutes. Second, it's heavy on Quick Time Events, where control is reduced to prompted button-presses as you slide down ropes or leap from tumbling pillars. Third, combat isn't as complex and nuanced as something like Ninja Gaiden or Devil May Cry. Fourth, the framerate's a bit wobbly

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Violater3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

Games exclusive to the PS3 are doomed to overly harsh scrutiny.
If you like what you see guys buy it, if your not sure rent it first.
Judge the games for yourselves, do not be swayed either way by people with their own agendas.

DiLeCtioN3918d ago

Gamers should choose their games not based on site reviews...IE budokai tenkaichi got 6,5, and 7s but i still bought it why because i love the idea of an anime character sending the enemy into oblivion lol
(vegeta, goku, naruto and icigo rock)

Azures3918d ago

You also gotta learn which places give honest reviews or something close to your mindset. Eurogamer sounds like the jackass Fahey of Kotaku and his demo review of HS.

VirusE3918d ago

I disagree; nothing they said was off base. The frame rate was unstable, it was super short and its a god of war knock off. I loved the demo and i will buy the game day 1 but it did have some ruff edges.

uxo223918d ago

I don't think anything said in the review was offbase, although I also felt that the game was beautiful. Although, my TV don't support 720p, I thought the clarity could have been a bit better. Someone please tell me that this is not going to be another one of those stupid 720p only decisions. I hope not, cause I really want this game.

Also, if this game is getting bad reviews, which I don't believe it is, it's being done by PS3 users. If an xbox user is giving it a bad review I would take it with a grain of salt. Of course unless they have both systems are can maintain objectivity.

Anyway, I loved the tiny bit I did get out of the demo. Although it was a very stingy dose to say the least.

Azures3918d ago

The game does run in 720p res, it has to upscale to 1080. Given the size of just the demo I can imagine how big this game is running when the final product is ready, probably couldn't afford to put it at 1080p. The difference between those two progressive resolutions is minute regardless.

Gotta get away from interlaced, its the devil. 720p > 1080i :)

hazeblaze3918d ago

I agree with everything except their comments on the combat. The combat system in HS is MUCH deeper than DMC or NG. Amazingly so once you get used to it.

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pandabear3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

I love the demo, yes it's short but the question is, when it's finished do you want more? The answer is 'Hell Yeah'. I can't wait for this to come out and besides the game play, the cutscenes, voice acting and motion capture is the best I have ever seen in a video game. Bring it on!!!

techie3918d ago

Deary me - the tone was so regretful and sounded negative, but they remained to give it compliments. I don't know what's up with Eurogamer at the moment - they need to sort themselves out and get some better journalists.

THC CELL3918d ago

i never liked eurogamers they are just thick. Gamespot and ign are the best for previews Etc

The Karate Kid3918d ago

AMzing how all those WACK 360 games got wonderful reviews lol but Heavenly Sword gets battered oh my god just think all those horrible 360 games that got 8's & 9's.

Video game industry just isnt what it used to be, itsall politics now. Example will be the EA SPORTS games all running at 60 frames per second. With Microsoft announcing this at E3 press conference its demostrates how microsoft PAID EA off to make that happen. We all know The EA Sport games can all run at 60 frames per second on PS3. SOunds like somebody was paid off!!!!

All the sites are paid off to bash PS3 games so nobody wont buy them, when there actually great games!!!

I'll admit though the framerate could use alittle work, but thats it!!! The game is going to be awesome, the cut scenes and mini games is what immerse you into the game!!!!!!!!!!!

VirusE3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

Please fanboy tell me what horrible games for the 360 got great reviews?

"All the sites are paid off to bash PS3 games so nobody wont buy them, when there actually great games!!!"

That is the cake topper. Could it be that no real great games have come out yet? In my opinion resistance is the best game out and it was a launch title. Next year will be the big year for the ps3

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