Bladestorm demo now available in the Japanese PS store

A Bladestorm demo is now available for download in the Japanese PS store.

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teh_tourist3562d ago

what's bladestorm?
is it worth the download?

The great 13562d ago

Grow up, i'd recommend this game 2 u, but u'd cry anyway emo

LeonSKennedy4Life3562d ago

You and your "emo" comments.

I bet you cried once...right? Doesn't that make you emotional? or...emo?

Just sayin'...ya SCENE KIDS!

boi3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

well i downloaded it like 4 hrs ago its kinda like cross between strategy/dynasty warriors...but with more tactics involve in it like a strategy game (age of empires) controlling armies, commanding orders...worth the download IF but its all in jap so if you don't like slow pace games then i doubt you like this

to me i like this sort of game

whats with the disagrees!?!?!


Damn man someone is not likeing what you said at all
I'll give you an agree just for the hell of it

Frulond3562d ago

linking JP PSN?
this will be the right link imo

yeah its long but should be translated ;)

GoLeafsGo3562d ago

since when did the PSN start updating on Mondays? =|!

boi3562d ago

lol cheers

still don't know y I'm getting disagrees tho lol

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