New Virtua Fighter 5 Screens from a more recent build

Sega has released ten new screens from the latest build of Virtua Fighter running on the XBOX360. At a quick glance, you see well the lightening has been improved in the game since it's PS3's debut. The game will also have an online component for the XBOX360 version which is launching this October.

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SuperSaiyan43918d ago

I thought it was coming out in Summer??? Dang and I bet the game is full price as well around £40-£50!

TriggerHappy3918d ago

nah, it should be coming out around Halloween.

TR0N3918d ago

awesome , thank you sega i love VF, this and soul calibur are my fave fighting games

HeavyweightInTheGame3918d ago

Its still better looking plastic than on the ps3. Gotta admit that.

prayforjoejoe3918d ago

The article says that the Lighting is "at first glance.." better than on the PS3. Really? I noticed nothing really. I own the game, and it doesnt look any better than what I already have. Talk about stretching the truth to feed the xbox fanboys. Only difference is online play, and quite honestly, fighters online suck no matter what you do, get one lag and the game is essentially over as you get your ass kicked during a freeze.

The Karate Kid3918d ago

I'm sorry but the models look cheap compared to the PS3 models. Just look at the textures and how small the fighters are, clearly not as detailed. But it has online so that is SUPER GOOD and I will be buying just for that. I do believe the PS3 version will get an update through download.

AcidRhain3918d ago

u mean like how sega added online to virtua tennis? oh wait...

Zhuk3918d ago

as far as I know the 360 version is based on a newer revision of the arcade VF5 than the PS3 version was so it's safe to say that it will end up looking better and be the ultimate console version combined with online play and improved graphics.

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The story is too old to be commented.