Bioshock gets 10/10 in new OXM

Bioshock gets a perfect 10/10 in new latest OXM.

-Inconceivably great plot
-Tough, scary combat
-Perfect location design
-Stunning soundtrack and audio effects
-Endless variety of weaponry


Going beyond "run and gun corridors," "monster-closet AIs" and static worlds, BioShock creates a living, unique and unpredictable FPS experience. After your plane crashes into icy uncharted waters, you discover a rusted bathysphere and descend into Rapture, a city hidden beneath the sea.

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GoLeafsGo3978d ago I needed any more reasons -_-'!

PSTripleOG3978d ago

hahahahahaha pfft. sucks


sjappie3978d ago (Edited 3978d ago )

How very original, you're one funny guy.

I feel a lot of jealousy in this one.

okcomputer3978d ago

Isn't it being released for the pc as well?

And 1.1 needs to stfu already.

Rooted_Dust3978d ago

Definite buy for my PC, never buy a shooter on a console if you have an option.

Nemesis3978d ago

Hunched over a keyboard and mouse squinting at a small monitor, no thanks. I prefer to kick back in front of my huge HDTV and 7.1 surround system.

anh_duong3978d ago

"1.5 - Rooted_Dust
Hunched over a keyboard and mouse squinting at a small monitor, no thanks. I prefer to kick back in front of my huge HDTV and 7.1 surround system. "

unless you have a home theater pc (with wireless keyboard) connected to your 52 inch lcd via hdmi. :)

Nemesis3978d ago

True. But in my experience, most PC owners don't have that kind of setup because of the logistics of finding space for a big beige box close enough to their main AV systems. I have that problem myself.

Rooted_Dust3978d ago (Edited 3978d ago )

Sitting 10 feet away from a 52" or sitting 1" away from a 22", it's all the same, display-wise. On PC's though I'll have a better control scheme, mods, and better graphics.

anh_duong3978d ago (Edited 3978d ago )

playing a fps on a console is not as effective as playing on a pc i.e. by this i mean a pc gamer will always beat the same gamer playing the same game on a console. however it is really your prerogative how you like to play your game since some people prefer to play their games in the confort of the living room - a;though i actually prfer to play my games in front of a tv. having this choice of playing on console or pc is at least a good choice to have - especially for those who don't own xbox 360.

xmod3978d ago

Who the hell wants to play a game where the main guy with a fishtank on his head?

BTW, why in almost every Xbox360 game the characters almost always wear a helmet? 360 developers are just too damn lazy to make realistic hair, so they take the lazy route and put helmets on everyone. Lame....

i Shank u3978d ago

wtf are you talking about with "fishtankhead?" lol thats a funny name, but thats not who the main character is or looks like, the main character is a normal human(far as we know?) who ends up in a plane crash. hes not a big daddy i mean "fishtankhead"

JsonHenry3978d ago

I am getting this for the PC. Even with the somewhat steep system requirements, my PC should be able to max it out.

Building your own PC FTW!!

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RadientFlux3978d ago

With all the positive feedback that Bioshock is getting and it's from the same people that brought us the excellent System Shock 2. Shodan's voice still gives me goosebumps.

P4KY B3978d ago

I dont read OXM. Have any other games scored this high before?

ben hates you3978d ago

i usually like their reviews gears of war is the only next gen game they game a ten so far i think

Dr Pepper3978d ago

There are two next-gen games that have received a 10/10 from OXM. Those are Gears of War and...Fight Night Round 3.

MK_Red3978d ago (Edited 3978d ago )

Thank God, finally someone understands the beauty and perfection of Bioshock. I'm sick and tired of Zelda & Mario games getting all the perfect 10s while superb not-so-famous titles like Psychonauts or Indigo Prophecy/Farenheit are left with 8.5 to 9.

And the better thing is that Bioshock is a new IP and hopefully with the help of E3 praise and good (More perfect) scores from sites and magazines, this game can become really successful and encourage more devs to make new, innovative mature game. Also, this might be the first M rated game to earn lots of perfect scores since God knows when. All these years, E and T rated games like Zelda TP or WW or OCT were awarded 10 out of 10s and while they were great, its really good to see a mature and thoughfull game finally earn what it deserves. This is the high art, to hell with idiots and tasteless people like Roger Ebert. This is Bioshock and its art, high art and better than a lot of recent movies.
(Hopes for a day that Academy / Oscar dedicates an award for the best video game of the year in line of best picture.)

PS360PCROCKS3978d ago

absolutely have to agree with you! I posted a story a long time ago about this game and it was ridiculously in depth with the creator about what the game was about and the ties it had with morality and life and just so many other aspects. It didn't pass as it was deemed "old" because it was written a few weeks before, yet never posted to this site. Anyways you should read it, it's a great article. http://www.gamerswithjobs.c...

Morbius4203978d ago

Bubble for you intelligent one.

MK_Red3978d ago

Wow, thank you both. PS360ROCK, thanks for the great link & story. Morbius420, thanks for the comment and bubble.

Imalwaysright3978d ago (Edited 3978d ago )

hmmm isnt 10/10 perfect??? to be near perfect it would have to be 9/10. Best game of the year for PC but haaa for 360 im not so sure..

edit wops wrong reply this one was to Mr Murda

Rute3978d ago

"This is the high art, to hell with idiots and tasteless people like Roger Ebert. This is Bioshock and its art, high art and better than a lot of recent movies."

Bioshock might be a great game, but I don't think games are art. It's more like a complicated sport. Would you say paintball in a beautiful setting is art?

Being better than most recent movies doesn't mean Bioshock is high art, since most movies are not art and not even good entertainment in my opinion.

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Odion3978d ago

PC gamer also gave this game a 95/100 and called it a dark and astonishing masterpiece

Kleptic3977d ago

of all the mags I have read over the years...there is probably no magazine that I would trust the reviews more than PC gamer...only single review that I ever disagreed with for a huge game was Doom 3...which I thought fell way short of expectations...and PC gamer still liked it...

but I have't read it in a while...don't have a rig that can keep up with newer games anymore...and Half Life 2 was still regarded as the best game ever made by them at that point...and i don't think it even got a either case...there is absolutely no denying that BioShock will be one of the most genre defining games to come out for a while...

this is the very first instance of me being insanely jealous of 360 owners...I knew this game was going to be awesome imo since the first clips I saw of it a while ago...I simply do not understand how so much hype can be surrounding Halo 3, when BioShock and mass effect are looming on the horizon...if I owned a 360, or buy a 360...I won't even bother with Halo 3...I will be all over these two games for over a year probably...not a dig at all towards H3 fans...I played the crap out of the first two...just imo Halo 3 has nothing to offer compared to bioshock...