Killzone 2's Lighting Engine: Overview

Lighting is the most important part of any graphical asset in a video game. Without proper lighting, even the most high definition textures and carefully modeled polygon characters/environments will simply look like crap. Lighting is what makes these beautifully designed games come to life.

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D_U_I3886d ago

Hearing xbots rip the hell out of killzone 2. They got owned FULL STOP.
The small bit of gameplay looked amazing and i couldnt care if it didnt look better than the Fake in 2005. Its going to be on my ps3 and i'm going to be playing it hahahahah oh yerrrr!!!

marinelife93886d ago

Wow just Wow. I want to see what a level looks like while they're walking through a field of lilies.

marinelife93886d ago

The light being reflected from the Helghast's eyes I thought was unbelievable.

DEADEND3886d ago

This game is going to look amazing, i've played the first one for the PS2 and that game was the reason why i got into FPS. i'm really hyped about Killzone 2.

Premonition3886d ago

I didnt know there was so much details, I was just impressed by the graphics alone, but dang, this just proves why Cell+RSX+Bluray make a one hitter killer when used by the right people, and the scary thing is this is going to be a 2nd gen game.

boi3886d ago

kool..can't wait for more news about Killzone 2

back to my Bladestorm demo :D

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The story is too old to be commented.