Interview: Antonio Santamaria of Artech Studios, 'Naval Assault' developer [Examiner]

Jason Evangelho writes:
505 Games recently released Naval Assault: The Killing Tides, a submarine-based action shooter inspired by the aquatic battles and subs of World War II. It's an accessible and suspenseful title by a developer who's been kicking out code since 1982.

After the game went gold, we had an opportunity to chat with Antonio Santamaria, Head of Engineering at Artech Studios, about the historical settings of Naval Assault, the team's past experience, and whether or not players will get to sink those dastardly U-Boats.

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Queasy2721d ago

Good interview. They picked a bad week to release the game though.

killyourfm2721d ago

No kidding. It was released during E3 and there isn't even a Metacritic entry for it yet O_O