Project Gotham Racing 4 update - Let's talk about locations

By now, everybody and his dog knows which cities will make it into PGR4. Don't they? Well if you don't, consider stepping up your forum-roaming time. You obviously aren't inquisitive enough! But before you do that, sit back and continue reading this update... you'll like it.

So first things first. Be prepared to see all of the PGR3 cities making a comeback in PGR4. They are all returning, along with mostly the same configuration of tracks. "Mostly" because there is a slight change in that all point-to-point races have been removed, and replaced with new circuit routes. This has been done because they fit much better around PGR4's new game modes (both single player and multiplayer).

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Daz3949d ago

This will be a fun game to play online and off but online is the best, looks good to.

360Sheep3949d ago

does that mean 10 tracks?