8 Factors to consider before buying a console

Deciding which gaming console to buy can be challenging. Factors like cost, hardware, performance, availability of games, menu, memory have to be closely examined before you loosen your purse strings. Here, we examine the two high-end gaming consoles, Sony's PS3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360, that have been unleashed on the Indian market in the past year and present the pointers you would want to look at before investing in hours of virtual fun.

Judging by the cover: If you're looking for a devilishly slick addition to your entertainment system, the PS3 is what you need. Though bigger and bulkier than the Xbox 360, the shape and finish of the PS3 brings with itself a touch of class. However, it is just a matter of time before the Xbox 360 Elite, which is available internationally, is released in the local market. The Xbox 360 Elite sports an equally slick matt black and chrome finish.

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Rama262853766d ago

Short article which leaves quite a few things out in my opinion. Interesting read never the less.

WafflesID3766d ago

gee no kidding?

And here I thought the ONLY thing that matters is which console has the games you want to play. I know a lot of people with SDTV that are still incredibly happy with a PS2 or Xbox. If the games you want to play are on multiple consoles then so be it, you buy multiple consoles.

Everything else should come distant second.

Although I will say, that the PS3 is almost worth the price as JUST a blu-ray player. It is the only blu-ray player today that has the possbility of being upgraded to bd-live 2.0 and blu-ray profile 1.1. Which is sad, because I really want to get a blu-ray player, but they just can't get their crap together like hd-dvd has. There is absolutely no reason to buy a blu-ray player until the 1.1 profile hardware is out. And I love how some movies are absolutely not playable without a firmware update.

Erm...ok sorry sidetracked. Anyhoo, yeah...Buy consoles based off of what games they have. End of story.

Armyless3766d ago

You don't buy a car just for the gas mileage. You don't buy a house just for the square footage.

I'm not going to IGNORE the BluRay player in my PS3 just because you said it doesn't matter.

WafflesID3765d ago

I didn't say ignore. I said everything else should come a distant second. In fact my last paragraph provided an example of quite the opposite. The PS3 is one of the rare occasions where you can actually buy it and completely disregard it for its ability to play video games at all. I know people who HAVE done just that. No intention whatsoever to play video games on it, just play movies.

And some people buy cars JUST for speed, some people buy cars JUST for gas milage, some people buy cars JUST for the gadgets. And believe it or not I've personally met many girls who buy cars JUST because of the color. So your comparison is a little thin there. But I understand what you are getting at.

But really, playing games is the primary purpose of a video game console. Therefore the games should be by FAR the most important aspect.

And how the HELL did that cost me a bubble? some of you people are freaking amazing. I didn't flame or attack anyone or anything. I praised the PS3 for its blu-ray functionality, and it costs a bubble? Sheeeeit.

BLACKJACK VII3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

1. PRICE - most important factor to all consumers.
2. GAMES - what software is available now & in the near future.
3. ONLINE SERVICE - easy quick connection for me & my friends.
4. GAMEPAD - comfortable wireless interface.

For me, Xbox360 was the right choice. Price, Software selection, & it's Online Service made my decision easy. The gamepad was actually my last concern, Six Axis seems cool, but the PS3 controller felt alittle dinky in my hands - plus, no Rumble ?

Oh well, to each his own. The Xbox360 is perfect for my needs. No bashing here, the PS3 is a fine system - I'll probably buy 1 one day... but for now, I am very happy with my Xbox360 & all the games it provides. All I really want now is Mass Effect !!!

Bill Gates3766d ago

When buying an xbox360, consider it DEAD within a year.


D_U_I3766d ago

reliability..... yes microsoft. Thats a main factor.

PSTripleOG3766d ago

The 360 is built like a iraqi tank hahaha piece of crap....

Sony FTW

Give me Lair hehehehahahahahaha!!!!

SuperSaiyan43766d ago

If you really think about it, its all about the games.

They are the key factor in making a choice imo.

If you have been a Sony PS person then you will probably want to continue looking out for the games on the new gen like Killzone 2.

If you have been an Xbox person then no doubt you will want to look out for games on the next gen like HALO 3.

Or if you just want it all get both like me LOL.

Price can be an issue and for some I suppose the online as well, but if you dont have quality games and lots of them you could end up with something that you wont be too happy about.

Put it this way, if the PS3 had bioshock, mass effect, PGR4, Fable2 etc the 360 only games and the only exclusive Microsoft had was HALO 3 what would I do? Buy 360 soley for Halo 3? It would be a very tough decision because I am a huge halo fan.

But no doubt I would have just gone with the PS3 although I would then be missing all my friends on Xbox Live...So if you favour your friends on Live lol then well you decide.

All in all just buy what you want, there are pros and cons with everything and no one is here to sell you a console lol.

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