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Final Fantasy XIV Subscription Fees Revealed

Earlier today we got wind of Final Fantasy XIV's release date and true to their word, Square Enix revealed that the PC version will hit retailers on September 30 this year. Unfortunately, the PS3 version got pushed back to March 2011.

In a press release, Square Enix finally revealed the pricing and subscription plans for the MMO. The PC's regular edition is set for a $49.99 while the collectors edition for $74.99. The most important bit though, is the subscription fees, which is a lovely $12.99 per month. Wow, keep in mind that that's a couple of dollars cheaper than another certain MMO.

Those of you looking forward to the new adventure in Eorzea can set you calenders for September 30. Make that September 22 if you're planning on getting the collectors edition as it offers 8 days early access to the game. (Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, PC, PS3)

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ShawnCollier  +   1856d ago
Wow, $12.99 isn't too bad, considering some other MMOs.
Arnon  +   1856d ago
Yep. Same price as FFXI. Hopefully it doesn't cost $0.99 for each additional character slot as it used to.
bakasora  +   1855d ago
how can this be "Final Fantasy"?
Its just a brand name everyone fancy of
JonnyBigBoss  +   1856d ago
Agreed. That's a fantastic price. They were charging that price 10 years ago with FFXI, and the dollar has devalued since.
acky1  +   1856d ago
Personally I think thats a rip. How much would that be for a year? Too much if you ask me. $50 for the game then a further $13 per month...fair enough im not into FF but if there was a similar MGS online experience I would still not be willing to shell out for that, and I love me some MGS.
bobcostus  +   1855d ago

You don't sound like someone who plays MMOs. It's not like you pay for the game and then the subscription and all you get is that game. You get constant updates, patches, TONS and TONS of new content, full server support etc etc. It's not the same as a regular online game. Very hard to convince someone that it's worth it unless they have extensive MMO experience.
mephman  +   1856d ago
Seems pretty standard, less than $15 though, unlike some other MMOs
Hardedge  +   1856d ago
Pretty nice, I'd subscribe to that :) I wonder if PlayStation Plus will subsidize it though.
Rucury  +   1856d ago
I really hope it does. At least make it so PS+ Subscribers pay like $5 a month? Too much to ask? ... Please?
Hardedge  +   1856d ago
or maybe get some bonuses like exclusive items or waive an extra month every half year or so :P that would be really sweet.
ruiner4482  +   1856d ago
PSN+ has nothing to do with SE. That would not make any sense business wise.
hassi94  +   1855d ago
Yes, that is WAY too much to ask.

You think you should pay $9 a month for a $13 a month game, while also getting all the benefits of PS+?
e-p-ayeaH  +   1856d ago
that would be awesome
Ryudo  +   1856d ago
What's with this silly ass train of thought where thinking you subscribing to PS+ will help you in anyway at all.

The subscription fee pays for the insane server costs, it pays for stupid amounts of man hours put into releasing constant updates for the game. It pays for the food the team that will be working on the game for the next 7+ years feeds there family.

PS+ has f all to do with FFXIV's subscription fee and there is no way in hell being a PS+ member will save you a single dime in FFXIV.

The only thing PS+ could possibly give you is a few exclusive in-game FFXIV rewards.

Sony =/= Square-Enix NO!
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Hardedge  +   1856d ago
Yes, because it's so inconceivable and out of this world that Square and Sony could ever do a collaborative deal...
PirateThom  +   1856d ago
Completely agree.

It's, at best, wishful thinking.

Square Enix have no reason to reduce the costs for a game when they're not making any of the fee for PSPlus back.

AT BEST, you might get a discount for a SOE MMO.
Ryudo  +   1856d ago
Yeah a deal that only rips off the whole PC community, it's never going to happen stop living in a dream world.


You clearly don't understand the concept of an MMORPG so let me put this as simple as possible. THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL S-E will make the monthly fees any cheaper what so ever on the PlayStation platform.

Lets do a little math here about 90 percent of FF11's player base is PC community 10 percent consoles. Lets be kind and say the PS3 community makes up 20 percent of the player base.

And 1 in 4 PS3 users are PS+ so your basically trying to say Square is going to favor the 5 percent of PS+ users to everyone else and give them a price cut?

Why making everyone else pay full price? now that's the biggest load a crap I have ever heard. First of all that price will be set in stone start giving people price cuts and then everyone wants them.

There is no way Sony could offer a deal worth it for both parties to lower the monthly sub.

And the idea of 5 dollars a month covering server fees is ok but that doesn't cover the cost of the team developing new content.
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forevercloud3000  +   1856d ago
It could...
not saying it will but there is definitely a chance they would subsidize for those who want to benefit from not only PSN+ but the MMO as well. Its the same kind of thing when a console maker bundles a console with a 3rd Party game(FFXIII bundles come to mind). Sony would simply work out some agreement, partial payments to SE to pull it off.

And the whole "Pays for the workers food" nonsense is bull. Anything over 5 dollars a month is severly overpriced for that. Server upkeep is not nearly as exspensive as we make it out to be, especially for a multimillion dollar company. Remember Sony has been hosting free servers for Online gaming for 3yrs now and hasn't needed a penny. The only reason they charge so much because these companies know we will pay like the lemmings we are.
Kyll  +   1856d ago
Sounds pretty good, like FFXI
Kurisu  +   1856d ago
Blah! I'm a member of a Final Fantasy XIV forum and I was hoping that we'd all get to play together from the start :(
Hardedge  +   1856d ago
yeah that's too bad, plus it's a whole six months that PS3 users will have to wait o_o;;;
Kurisu  +   1856d ago
Yea, I'm a PS3 owner myself :( I don't do PC gaming, so this was easily my most anticipated game of this year. Six months is a long time...my character will look terrible in comparison to those who started six months before! At least I will have almost finished my last year of Uni by this point, which will mean more free time.
JAMurida  +   1856d ago
I would understand why the PC version is coming out first, seeing to how it was made based on PC's layout, but to release the game on PS3 six months later is kinda dumb, IMO. I personally think SE should have both version ready for release at the same time so everyone can start together.

Not to mention of all the games coming out, FFXIV is the one I want the most and hearing the news on the March 2011 for PS3's release doesn't sit well with me. Let's hope SE somehow can get it running before then...
washingmachine  +   1856d ago
in the mean time we will play dcuniverse online lol
Kurisu  +   1856d ago
I won't be, haha. FFXIV is the ONLY game I will be willing to pay-to-play. I'm not really interested in any other PS3 MMO's.
skip2mylou  +   1856d ago
i hope its a free-to-play MMO :) id be on it on day 1
Whitey2k  +   1856d ago
this is bullS*** how comes the ps3 gets delayed till next year? the same time versus my come around i Fooked off with square messing about with there fan base
DA_SHREDDER  +   1856d ago
Its okay. The game will be even more polished by then, also, its not like us ps3 owners dont have a million exclusive AAA titles to play this winter. I will admit though, this game is very promising.
darkpower  +   1856d ago
I think the reason why FFXIV is coming to the PC at such an earlier date than the PS3 version is because of another MMO game that people are believing to come out around that time, too: WoW Cataclysm. That's expected to be one of the biggest expansions to World of Warcraft (since it reinvents the classic zones and reworks a lot of the WoW system), and it's expected to reignite interest in the game. That's why they are releasing the PC version so soon. That's why it's cheaper of a monthly fee, too. Most of this is to counter a lot of what Blizzard is doing right now. Looks as though they are ready to take WoW on.

I like the idea of a retainer, too, since you'll be carrying around a LOT of stuff that you will need or want to keep, and there is only so much you can do about it that SE tried to rectify in FFXI. Their solutions only made that more into a mess. Hopefully more storage options are going to be available, though.

I also how the whole Securecard stuff is going to be gone, too, because that kind of killed whatever interest FFXI had left.

@Whitey2k above: Like I said, SE is probably getting the PC version out early because of the Cataclysm release that's expected to come out at that point, too. I don't think it's any favoritism in this case. They are just trying to compete.
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Whitey2k  +   1856d ago
yea but if there trying to compete would they just better off releasing the ps3 version at the same time considering u might ave more people playing FF14 rather then just pc owneers
GrilledCheeseBook  +   1856d ago
next year on PC does sound like a bad idea with cataclysm and soon after The Old Republic and maybe Tera

still releasing it in September. They should have started the large beta testing earlier
jneul  +   1856d ago
by march 2011 I will not be bothered as i will have WKC2 which is free online (only if rumors are true on amazon.fr)
Ravage27  +   1856d ago
yea that's unfortunate indeed....i was fully expecting it to release this year
Saryk  +   1856d ago
Some of the current sub MMOs should be dropping their rates, might make more money.
blasian  +   1856d ago
sep 30 YES! FINALLY! im so excited! feel bad for the ps3 people though.
Omega Zues  +   1856d ago
Not surprised.
Actually I previously thought FFXIV was going to cost $14.99 a month. So slightly cheaper. Almost every big MMO that releases is going to have a bit of a premium monthly rate to pay.

At least you get a single free month when you purchase the game. lol
NEWSWATCHERS  +   1856d ago
Sadly Runescape is better then any of these games, mabey cause I never play any other MMO...lol

5$ is where its at!
Senden  +   1856d ago
Yeah but runescape is filled with 99% under 15 year olds.

Anyhow, isn't this a bit of a slap in the face to the Japanese? Last time I checked, PC gaming really wasn't all that big over there.
Jeff-Ryan  +   1856d ago
March of next year?! WHAT....FUCK YOU!
Square Enix you fucking loser and lier. Simultaneous launch my ass. $15 dollars per month. FUCK YOU!
HOSe  +   1856d ago
why do they even bother releasing this game on ps3? who wants to pay a subscription fee on their console.... stupid
specialguest  +   1856d ago
There you have it folks!
A nice example of the mentality of a console gamer versus a PC gamer.

Console gamer: It's not fair! Even though I play the same game on the same servers, I should not have to pay because I play on a console! =*(
x5exotic  +   1856d ago
this is not a "good" price....its an awesome price!!
amazing game,cheap price ...wtf yo ?!
squallheart  +   1856d ago
i barely bought ffxi because my girlfriend kept telling me to play again. Then i realized i dont have a lot of time to invest in mmo's ;-; ffiv does look interesting though
360Defender  +   1856d ago
Final Fantasy XI was $12.99,
but then they charge you $0.99 for every additional character. So in other words, unless your going to have 3 characters of less, you get a better deal playing WoW (or just about any other game).

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