New FIFA 08 Screenshots

Strategy Informer has unleashed 5 new screenshots for FIFA 08.

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Cartesian3D3765d ago

F*CK Electronic Arts for:

not improving Cloth processing for 10 years! (same as FIFA 98 , and the same about LIVE 2008 )

not improving LIGHTING! ( same as FIFA 2002! ) it doesnt look real after 10 years..

add some animations to latest version and they didnt make Sth SPECIAL in any version..

just look at Cloth processing in NBA 2K8 and LIVE 2008 ..

LIVE is the most FUNNY fake game in the world.. their cloth is sth like PVC pipe !

kingboy3765d ago

Absolutely correct,i was really hoping to see some sort of jersey physics and more interaction going on there, but seems like only the 2k series provides that extra reality on nextgen sports tittles...Madden, Fifa ,Pro evo and many others should start incorporating much more clothing physics and stop this sticky rubber jersey madness lol

Cartesian3D3765d ago

I said 10 years because first full 3D FIFA game was 98 version..

and first 3D ball is for FIFA 2000 ..

I hope u guys see EA Sports games more carefuly..

I saw many of u mates said NBA LIVE 2008 is better than 2K8 ... but see those screens for second time

see their cloth in LIVE and in 2K8 .. see textures in them.. their shoes... and if u have eny video see Animations and Ball physics..

I loved EA after seeing FIFA 98 and MOA .. but after years I saw its F'in SAME as last version...

ThaGeNeCySt3765d ago

on the field graphics are nice