Payback time for rest of Sony to help game division recover


"It's funny how the tables turn.

During much of the past decade, Sony's PlayStation 2 business carried the parent company, making as much as 40 percent of its operating profits during good years.

Now the games division, Sony Computer Entertainment, is deep in red ink. In the fiscal year ended March 31, Sony's game business lost $2 billion as it invested in the startup costs for the PlayStation 3 video-game console."

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Daz3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

Why as this site got so many aticles lately about profits and losses? I think there pointless aticles for this site.

Ebay3rd3918d ago

Agreed, its just flame bait , I really believe some people here only post and reply to articles to start an uproar...

Captain Tuttle3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

are more important to gamers than articles on the Blu-Ray/HD-DVD video format war. The health of the gaming divisions of Microsoft and Sony have a direct impact on the consumer. The more cash that they have the more they can push the envelope of the consoles. These companies don't operate in a vacuum set up just for gamers...they have to show a profit.

kg053918d ago

the reason there is all this talk about profit and losses is because it is the end of the fiscal quarter/year for companies, and thats when they report profits and losses.

why is all this talk on a gaming site?...well maybe to fuel fanboys.

its funny i havent seen a single wii fanboy on this site....maybe they are too busy playing games and not having to read articles that make them feel better about there console purchase.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3918d ago

They are important if your an invester and many gamers invest money for retirement.

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THE_JUDGE3918d ago

Spiderman 3 helped and the holiday sales will help put the fame out so maybe they can break even and end the format war.

Armyless3918d ago

And the same comparison was being made from the PS2 to the PS1. What is the relevance of this article?

Ashira3918d ago

Now, maybe the devision can finally work closely with each other when the idiot Ken Kutaragi is gone (he really did not cooperate much at all). Well, it just goes to show that just because you dominated the past two cycles doesn't mean the same strategy will work 3 times. Good luck Sony and hope you'll change your strategy for the next generation.

macalatus3917d ago

True, K. Kutaragi gave a whole lot of grief to Sony during his tenure. But that attitude could be explained when he first made the Playstation. Remember, he was mostly responsible for making Sony's now famous product (which, in turn, single-handedly introduced Sony into the gaming industry) without much help from Sony. As a matter of fact, he did it with low expectations from within Sony. In effect, Kutaragi's negative attitude towards the rest of Sony could be described as a case of "I told you so". Unfortunately, his ego overtook him, creating the proverbial 'karma' that we are now aware of.

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