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3 Reasons Hulu Plus is a Hard Sell


After months of speculation, Hulu has finally announced a for-pay version of its online streaming television service. Hulu Plus costs $9.99 per month and provides full access to entire seasons (current and past) of shows from ABC, NBC, FOX, and other TV networks.

What's more, Hulu Plus will be available on a multitude of devices, including the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and TVs and Blu-Ray players from Samsung, Sony, and Vizio.

While $9.99 per month isn't that steep compared to premium cable packages, Hulu Plus has some problems that may make you reconsider subscribing. Here are three reasons you shouldn't pay for Hulu Plus. (Hulu Plus, iPad, iPhone, PS3, Xbox 360)

Godmars290  +   1892d ago
Its a hard sell because it use to be free w/ads.
It still has ads, has reduced content to a degree, but now they want to pay.
BeaArthur  +   1892d ago
Yeah, if I was actually paying I would expect to not see any commercials.
ClownBelt  +   1892d ago
"Yeah, if I was actually paying I would expect to not see any commercials."

Does that applies for Xbox live as well?
BeaArthur  +   1892d ago
Troll harder next time, I don't even get what you are trying to say.
sikbeta  +   1892d ago
$10 per Month + ads = You can keep it...


It doesn't work like that, it's the Paid Feature that let you Play On-line, doesn't matter if the Whole x360 userbase complain about it, they can do nothing and even if they try they'll don't get anything, they Pay and can access those Features, if they don't, they just have a Single-Player Only Console, anyway we were talking about how Hulu sucks.... so yeah, for $10 per month with ads, they can keep it...
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Active Reload  +   1892d ago
I thought they were adding the back catalog for paying.
Christopher  +   1892d ago
I don't see it as reduced content but actually increasing the backlog of old series (X-Files, Buffy, Angel, etc.).

The problem with me is solely how much they're asking for this plus the fact I still have to sit through ads. As it is, I use Hulu primarily for watching shows I'm not 100% into. I record the programs I'm into on my PVR.

I think this might be good for those people who use it in place of cable but want a bit more for their experience. Especially the ability to watch a full season of shows isn't bad. Add in the portability, and many people are very happy with this.

But, it just isn't for me because I can watch tons of shows on other sites without ads as it is and I'm not going to give up my cable service since Hulu doesn't cover all of the shows (True Blood, Dexter, Leverage, etc.) I watch on cable.
Active Reload  +   1892d ago
I use to watch TrueBlood when it first started airing, but waiting a whole week to be lead and on the edge of my seat be told to wait another week...wash, rinse, repeat. I'll just buy the seasons on disc for 20 bucks and watch them.
himdeel  +   1892d ago
I just want regular access for PS3 again...
...so I won't need to bother paying or sitting at my computer to watch tv programs :)
e-p-ayeaH  +   1892d ago
and its for americans
CellularAutomata  +   1892d ago
Its free on PC.
Da One  +   1892d ago
Ads + Sub Fee = Hell no.....
One or the other
Microshock  +   1892d ago
It's worthless.
Because Netflix is cheaper and gives you discs in the mail plus a pretty good library of shows/movies. All 3 seasons of Arrested Development anyone?

And no ads. It's pretty obvious Hulu Plus sucks.

Oh and if you want to watch a show the day after it's out, free Hulu is still there.
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Nikkelz  +   1892d ago
its hard to sell
because unless they are offering atleast 720p resolution,why switch?

they only allow for 480p which is ok for mobile phones but not for anyone with a pc/laptop because they all come with atleast 720p resolution monitors..
unless im mistaken,the last i remember they only offered 480p and that shit was too blurry for my taste also when you switch to 480p the picture gets a lil darker...if they dont offer HD for 9.99 then why switch.

peace and game on
Microshock  +   1892d ago
They do
They do offer 720P in Hulu Plus actually. Doesn't make it worth it though
Omega Zues  +   1892d ago
it will solve all your media problems.
webeblazing  +   1892d ago
why buy when watch whatever on the internet even a movie that came out yesterday matter fact imma watch a movie right now
powrhouse  +   1892d ago
The article is wrong
Hulu Plus is on the App Store right now for iTunes and it works flawlessly over 3g. I love the speculation from the writer when he could have tested it first hand.
CaptainPunch  +   1892d ago
There's no way I'll be paying for ads, Netflix doesn't have any ads.
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ASSASSYN 36o  +   1892d ago
Funny I still have my unlimited plan and I get to keep it when I get an iphone 4.
JJFNIGHTS80  +   1892d ago
I hate Hulu cause they have commercials. Why put commercials on a website just to stream TV shows or movies. When you go on youtube and stream without commercials or any other site. I would never use Hulu just for ads. Com one this is the internet WE DON'T NEED ADS ON HERE LIKE WE DO ON TV.
ECM0NEY  +   1891d ago
What youtube are u using? I see ads all the f@cking time son

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