Condemned: Bloodshot interview

Condemned: Bloodshot is already shaping up to be as sick as the original. At E3 CVG got to see the game running on a 360 and chatted to senior Sega producer Constantine Hantzopoulos.

"We basically ripped the game apart and put it back together again. Although combat in Condemned 1 was visceral and in your face it was just whack-walk-whack-walk. I'm just being honest. In the sequel there are now four layers to combat.

First layer is fight with your fists; I could never understand why you couldn't do this in the first one. Second layer is picking up pipes, bricks and other things, but there's the added twist of being able to throw them now. But enemies can also catch them and throw them back at you."

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THAMMER13950d ago

This game will be better than the 1st.

HeavyweightInTheGame3950d ago

The first one was pretty good and It'll be tough to top. I had so much fun with that game.

SuperSaiyan43950d ago

Scared me real bad! My friend lent me the game and he was even sitting next to me and I moved and suddenly I heard some noise that made me jump! It was me moving near some stuff on a shelf lol!!

Hopefully they will make the game with 1000points this time lol.