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Saints Row 3DS Links To and Interacts With Xbox 360 Version of Saint's Row 3

Danny Bilson of THQ has revealed that the 3DS version- specifically the 3DS version- of the title will unlock some exclusive content in the Xbox 360 version of the upcoming Saint’s Row 3. (Dev, Nintendo DS, Saints Row, THQ, Xbox 360)

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rroded  +   1795d ago
no way
no how

like either would approve this...

unless ms n nintendo are merging sigh
Blacktric  +   1795d ago
Seriously it'd be more appropriate if article said PS3 version. No way that Nintendo would allow for something like this.

Edit: I think rather than connecting 3DS to the 360 directly, 3DS version will provide you with some codes for the things you do in the game. So that you can enter those codes to an ingame menu for Xbox 360 version and get those extras.
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Christopher  +   1795d ago
It's either codes or a separate dedicated server that allows you to synch your DS account with your 360 account. But, regardless, if they could do this for the 360, there's no way they wouldn't also do it for the PS3.

There's no way it's going to happen utilizing just Nintendo hardware/software, though.
Sitdown  +   1795d ago
why do you guys feel that this is impossible...and/or more appropriate if it was ps3. 1.)Microsoft does not have a "handheld" gaming console, so there really is not a problem with this concerning competition. 2.)Did Microsoft not allow THQ to partner with RARE and publish Viva Pinatas for the DS?
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AAACE5  +   1795d ago
Why not?
You guys do remember Blue Dragon was released on DS right? So why would something like this be impossible?

You guys should consider the fact that maybe these companies don't hate each other as much as you think! Wouldn't it be crazy if they were all working together to make us pick sides and shift momentum back and forth. And this whole fanboy thing is just making people look stupid!

Back on topic: The 3DS is looking to be a great system! They just keep getting more games.
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FragMnTagM  +   1794d ago
Not too far fetched
It reminds me of Republicans vs. Democrats. Or WCW vs. NWO.
Rashid Sayed  +   1795d ago
how the hell this is gonna happen at the first place? But I am kinda happy that it will :P
halocursed  +   1795d ago
Nintendo set to rule the world!!!
SpoonyRedMage  +   1795d ago
I was surprised by this but apparently it was MS that stopped Rare making Viva Pinata DS able to connect to the 360 title.

It has been pointed out that it could connect to a THQ website or something.
pramath1605  +   1795d ago
It's Always Possible
That the 3DS could connect with the 360 via USB or something. I mean, I'm pretty sure the 3DS will have some form of USB connectivity. Maybe you have to have the game inserted in the 3DS slot, and SR3 in the 360 drive, and connect the two devices via USB?
TheHip14  +   1795d ago
3DS is gonna be junk
pramath1605  +   1795d ago
Now why would you say something like that when all evidence points towards the contrary being the case?
ElementX  +   1795d ago
3DS is going to be junk? When over 125 million people bought the DS? Pull your head out of your ass. Admit defeat for Sony and the PSP. PSP2 is dead before it even hits the shelves. Nintendo is king of the portable console business. Sony is king of the home console business. Well, I guess Wii did sell more, but I still consider Sony to be king of consoles.
Jack Klugman  +   1795d ago
Article is wrong
This has nothing to do with the 3DS.

The "same game" that is launching on the 3DS was already well in the works as an Xbox Live Arcade Game. The XBLA Saints Row "exclusive" game will be the one that interacts with SR3 on the 360. Oh and the version on XBLA is and was always planned to be 3D.
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pramath1605  +   1795d ago
not really. as you can say, the article specifically mentions the 3DS version as the one that will be able to link up with the Xbox 360 version of SR3. Just read the entire thing, it'll be clear.
silkrevolver  +   1795d ago
Nevermind, I read it. The 3DS version isn’t compatible... stupid headline.
darkpower  +   1795d ago
The headline is misleading.

Not only that, but Kotaku was sourced here, so this is the wrong source, anyway ( http://kotaku.com/5575974/s... ). Kotaku never mentions that it would "interact" with the 360 version, at least not in the way this misleading story is implying.

EDIT@Shubhankar & to the disagrees: First off, at the very least say WHY you disagree. Why just hit and run?

Second, no one denied the "link" part (we just don't know HOW yet), and you just admitted the "wrong source" thing. You left out what it said about the "interact" part, which Kotaku never said anything about. Kotaku lauded to some unlockable content or something like that. THIS story is implying something completely different. What it exactly IS trying to say about the interaction part, we're not sure, but it isn't anything like what Kotaku said.
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Shubhankar  +   1795d ago
I'm sorry, I'd thought I'd made it clear in my comment.I'll clarify :)
Anyway, this is what Kotaku says:

"Bilson also says that the Nintendo 3DS version of the game will feature some sort of interaction with the forthcoming Saints Row 3, offering unlockable content between the two versions."

Para 3, line 2.
All that this story is saying is that the 3DS game can somehow connect to, or interact with, the Xbox 360 version of SR3. In which case, I dont see how it's wrong at all.
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Mista T  +   1795d ago
Shubhankar  +   1795d ago
to all those saying its fake or misleading
Read the article carefully. It's even linked to Kotaku, where too it says that specifically the 3DS version of the game can link to the X360 version of SR3. While it's unclear exactly how they'll do that- most likely, the 3DS game will give us a code which we have to input in our 360 game- I'm very sure it's possible, and not 'fake' like so many of you are saying.
Kick-Ass  +   1795d ago
I loved Saints Row 2. I cannot wait for the 3rd one.
NMC2007  +   1795d ago
MS is no competition in the portable space, Viva Pinata DS anyone? So yeah, this is possible.
Cajun Chicken  +   1795d ago
I don't believe this one bit.
matey  +   1794d ago
Rockstar will make GTA for wii/3DS i dont want nothing to do with 360 i mean i had ds on day 1 and a wii day 1 and i wont buy a 360 so saints row isnt on my list of must get games for 3DS starfox 3d and pes 3d as well as a decent racing game ect there all i want at first with resident evil revelations because capcom dont abandon the wii like thq do with the high end games sorry thq but if u dont take the wii and make games that look at least 3 times better thab the best games on xbox/cube ect dont expect big success all of a sudden with your 3DS games most people like devs that treat both the wii/3DS the same i support capcom,konami,nintendo,ubisoft ect because they,make great content for wii and with rockstar north working on 2 wii games expect some sandbox wii games very soon i will buy gta 3DS if they do a wii GTA other wise i wait till they bring a wii/wii2 version then i will start buying there games its the way i operate and alot of people are like this

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