Sony quiet on Heavenly date

Sony has distanced itself from reports that Heavenly Sword has been confirmed for release on 14th September.

Retailers and some press reports have pegged that date for the game, but a spokesperson for the company told Eurogamer this morning that an announcement had yet to be made.

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boi3887d ago

ermm hope it won't be a long waiting...anyways back to the bladestorm demo :D

TR0N3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

again there is nothing wrong with being gay i love gay people but if youre str8 why would you want to play a game where the lead is played by a female with a chip on her sholder? That is unless your the type of guy that likes to get in touch with your feminine side and i dont think str8 guys like me have a side like that.

Master of Menace3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

TRON, I guess you have never played Tomb Raider then? Actually, think about it. A gay person would probably like a big, burly, hairy dude that's showing his butt crack, not a slender red-headed woman!

Captain Tuttle3887d ago

Maybe it'll be delayed again. This game is too important to Sony to rush out the door.

FreeMonk3887d ago

is a release date of September 25th, the same day as a little known game on the X360 that will do extremly well.

I think most people here know what game that is, and if not, you need to crawl from under that rock you've been hiding under!!! lol

power0919993887d ago

I don't think it would be a good idea, of a game of totally different genre to go up against Halo. I could see Sony wanting to say "MS, and Halo do not scare us", but in the same sense could shoot them self in the foot, for even trying to go aginst it. Halo is a force indeed.

Personally I don't see the big deal about Halo, but I know it's a MASSIVE title.

From now until Christmas are going to be some fantastic months for gamers. This season is going to rock my face off.

kingjkv3887d ago

Hey they better release it on that day. My B-day is on that day. And i'm throwing a heavenly sword party so that game betta come out then.

FreeMonk3887d ago

Sounds cool.....Can I come to your party? I don't have many friends :^(

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The story is too old to be commented.