Marketplace Content For July 30, 2007

The following content is now available on the Xbox live Marketplace:


Dark Messiah: M&M Elements
Legacy Theme
The price is 120 Microsoft Points
The availability all regions
A theme to customize your Xbox 360 Dashboard featuring Dark Messiah Elements most lethal monsters.
The size is 5.68 MB


Fable 2
Lionhead Video Diary Episode 2 Video
The price is free
The availability all regions except Japan
This is the second in a series of behind the scenes video diaries for Fable 2 . The episodes provide a look behind the scenes of the long-awaited sequel to the 2004 Xbox exclusive best-seller "Fable." Get a sneak peek inside the game, as well as get to know the people behind the action.
The size is 270.14 MB

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Gamingnerd1013885d ago

Hey this is sweet stuff keep it comin

chip mlc 0013885d ago

I think the new marketplace content is great keep these comming

Morbius4203885d ago

When is their ever going to be a theme for The Darkness?

willud4skins3885d ago

there is a darkness theme. its preset on your xbox. its pretty ugly tho