Rumour: Demon's Souls due to receive 'Standard Edition' release

GamerZines writes:

With last week marking the anticipated European release of the compelling yet brutally challenging PS3 exclusive RPG title, Demon's Souls, a product listing by UK retailer HMV has seemingly outed that a further edition of the title is due to be released this August.

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Hellsvacancy2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Its funny, coz i was gonnna buy if off Amazon but look they sell BOTH editions for the same price

I got the Phantom Edition from Asda in the end (£34.99) which was a steal

Edit: Actually, the Standard edition is 50p cheaper lol

DA_SHREDDER2856d ago

I just want part 2 already. Day one purchase!

Hardbladestone2856d ago

Yea bring on part 2 great great game

Ult iMate2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

From Software said they are not making a sequel yet.
Besides, From Software have other great action-JRPG franchises: King's Field and Shadow Tower. As for me, I'm wating for sixth King's Field game more than next Demon's Souls (even though I enjoyed DS a lot, because I love From Software's action-JRPGs).

2856d ago
fossilfern2856d ago

whats the point unless they are gonan sell it for like under £30 ? i got mine on for like £34 and i love it fantastic packaging and it comes with an art book, Auido CD, and a stratagy guide :D so £34 is a bargin

tda-danny2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Mentions a possible price:

"The listing places the release date as August 6th with an incredibly attractive price of £14.99, perhaps mostly aimed at enticing those a little unsure of picking it up."

Reborn2856d ago

I noticed ShopTO have the original up for pre-order.


Its fairly cheaper too.

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