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Submitted by journovampire 1980d ago | news

Saints Row 3 'differentiating even further from GTA'

Saints Row 3 will differentiate from the GTA series "even further", THQ's Danny Bilson has revealed. (EA, Industry, PC, PS3, Saints Row, Saints Row 2, THQ, Xbox 360)

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Wizziokid  +   1980d ago
Good Saint's Row is better than GTA

Rockstar should just stick with the Red Dead series now.
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T9X69  +   1980d ago
That's going a little far don't you think? GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas are some of the best open world games I've ever played. While I do enjoy both Saints Row games over GTA IV, that doesn't mean Rockstar shouldn't make GTA anymore.

To different Rockstar developers make GTA & Red Dead, as long as GTA goes back to the fun aspect of the game instead of realistic, I think the next GTA will be mind blowing.

EDIT: I agree RDR is 100x more fun than GTA IV, but I think Rockstar realizes even though GTA IV got very high scores that people want more fun things to do. A hint at this would be the 2 DLC's, they added much more content that resembled the old GTA games than GTA IV. TBoGT is a good example, with the "tank" helicopters that shoot missiles, parachutes, golf karts etc. I think for the next GTA Rockstar will take it back to what made GTA one of the most enjoyable open world games, which was the fun aspect.
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Wizziokid  +   1980d ago
Not really a little far because its all down to opinion but hey I enjoy the old GTA games and I do agree they older games are better than Saints Row but with the new approach to GTA (realism) I think the series is going down hill.

Who knows they might take it back to the roots but I don't think they will, that's why Saints Row imo is better.

Red Dead was 10x more enjoyable than GTA IV.
gtamike  +   1980d ago
GTA4 was bad end of story, very much like driver 3 GTA4.
Lets hope Saints Rows 3 is good and fun like old GTAs.
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R2D2  +   1980d ago
The problem is that R* said that GTA 4 is what they wanted GTA to be. So look forward to GTA 5 having stuff like washing your car and walking your dog.
Rocket Sauce  +   1980d ago
I can't wait to do my taxes and call my mom to ask her how her day was.
360 man  +   1980d ago
no gang matches = fail
jjesso1993  +   1980d ago
yep I agree unless rockstar can add something new to the gta series and put the fun back in to the game I would prefer them to just pump RDR games saints row 2 was far more fun than gta 4.
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Cold 2000  +   1980d ago
Sandbox games suck.

@below: GTA, Saints Row, RDR etc = sandbox games = open world = IMO those kind of games suck.

Trying to sound all clever and stuff lol.
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Corrwin  +   1980d ago
Good job it's not a Sandbox game then isn't it?
It's open-world.

Yes there is a difference, but I don't think you'll understand or care, so sucks to be you :D
Corrwin  +   1980d ago
Sandbox: Dwarf Fortress, G-Mod, Little Big Planet.
Open-world: GTA, Saints Row, RDR.

The difference is that in a Sandbox, it's up to you to build the sand castle. In an open-world, it's already there.

Thanks for playing, you can go back to mouth breathing now.

Making fun of people who are actually clever and stuff, lol.
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bjornbear  +   1980d ago
"i don't like sandbox games" is what you are trying to say

i don't like JRPG's very much, but do they suck? NO or else the genre wouldn't have so many fans.

to say a genre of videogames sucks is like saying "cubism sucks" or "modernism sucks because i don't get it"

its sucks to you...but objectively, thats not true =)

imo, open world/sandbox games CAN suck, but if done well, can flourish (like any genre really)
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silvacrest  +   1980d ago
its just one guys useless opinion

i wouldn't take it to heart
kanetheking  +   1980d ago
lol u got a final fantasy pic
which is a open world rpg so does it suck by ur logic it does.-_-
Corrwin  +   1980d ago
Saints Row + Destructable Red Faction Buildings
XactGamer  +   1980d ago
That would be nice
theDJKNOWN  +   1980d ago
rockstar is at a state with gta where they can do something mindblowing...
mja12345   1980d ago | Spam
rungunbeast  +   1980d ago
I had more fun with Saints Row 2 Story (coop) and Mutliplayer than GTA4, GTA4 is fine and the story is great but i hate realistic games.
Akagi  +   1980d ago
I personally liked GTA IV. I don't get it: Rockstar makes one supposedly bad GTA (IV) and suddenly everyone hates them and forgets all the GOOD GTA's they've made.
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spooky205  +   1980d ago
rockstar themselves cliamed that
they are satisfied with how gta4 turned out. If they want to continue that type of gta then i am not really interested and neither are millions of fans that wanted a gta game that topped the fun factor of Vice city and san andreas.
fuckitimout  +   1980d ago
why the f@ck did they do that?
I'm not buying this shit if it strays from it's roots. There are forums that show fans (like me) don't want this bs they're talking about. Man, cmon, what's up with sequels this gen being changed so much that it's not even the same game anymore? I many STUPID game-design decisions be made. Splinter Cell has been dumbed down, inFamous2 has a Cole that's not Cole(lol pathetic), Socom4 looks like any other shooter (but it uses psmove..YAAAAY! -_- fuck outta here) and now the SR series has gone the wrong direction to fans like me. Fuck it, I'll wait for San Andreas 2
spooky205  +   1980d ago
get comfortable.
cause there will be no san andreas 2. Rockstar wants to do the whole realism route with their gta.
GrilledCheeseBook  +   1980d ago
"The new Saint's Row will be less urban - it's definitely not about 'gangsta' anymore at all. And it's more fun and almost sillier and wackier and weirder than the other one."

I don't see how the only way it would be fun would be if it was urban
linqingshan002   1980d ago | Spam
linqingshan002   1980d ago | Spam
linqingshan002   1980d ago | Spam
comp_ali  +   1980d ago
Alternate source Unrelated at all
N4g is going from bad to worse thanks to bunch of fanboys and sleepy mods.
XactGamer  +   1980d ago
I just noticed that too. The person who submitted this should have his/her privileges removed for that, sneaky and low.
fuckitimout  +   1980d ago
the most overused label here. Whenever there's someone who prefers something to another they're a 'fanboy'. I'm glad I don't give a damn about the dumb politics in gaming hahahahaha
BubblesDAVERAGE  +   1980d ago
Saint Row 3
Is a day one for me ...Saints Row is a great game...and is underratted
Jdoki  +   1980d ago

Saints Row 1 and 2 are a blast. Much more like the good ol' days of GTA, rather than the insipid and overrated GTAIV
Rampaged Death  +   1980d ago
I really don't know how anyone can say Saints Row is better than GTA. If it wasn't for GTA III there wouldn't be a Saints Row.
spooky205  +   1980d ago
that doesnt mean
that the series is as brilliant as it used to be. Sure it paved the way for saints row. But it also alienated alot of fans with realism and pathetic story being touted as good as a godfather movie. Saints row on the other hand let you do whatever you want how you wanted. It was good mindless fun just like previous gtas used to be. The characters are wacky and memorable and you dont have to take them on dates everytime you finish a mission.
qiqi5599   1980d ago | Spam
BubblesDAVERAGE  +   1980d ago
Sounds like
they are going to screw it up

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