State of the NPD: Wii, Can it be Stopped?

The answer to 1up's own headline: should it? Since Nintendo unveiled the Wii remote at the Tokyo Game Show in 2005, people haven't been sure what to think of Wii. A remarkably different interface and a focus away from visuals is a methodology completely unlike anything the industry had ever even, well, thought of.

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Shadow Flare3919d ago

but i'd like to see how much it gets played

The Real Joker3919d ago

I play mine about 3-4 times a week. So not much but it is still fun. I really love Resident Evil 4 with the Wii remote.

ChickeyCantor3919d ago

play time doesnt matter, if it keeps selling like this then there is no stopping.
And eventually good things are bound to happen.....or not...youll never know.

unsunghero283919d ago

I use mine a lot too. Plus I'm getting Strikers soon, that should be fun...

Leon Kennedy3919d ago

Best Wii games: Twilight Princess, Excite Truck, and RE4. Plus Warioware and Rayman for party games. I can't believe the guy who wrote this article is accusing Nintendo of holding back on production. They showed the NPD numbers for the Wii, but not for 360 and PS3. Wii is killing both of them! Could it be possible that production is not meeting demand because demand is too strong?!? These dorks have gotten their Wii predictions smashed in the past, so what makes them so sure they've got it right this time?

PS360WII3919d ago

yea plus the DS is relativly easy to make seeing that it's using 'old' hardware as they say and Nintnedo can hardly keep up production of that. So now they have 2 products that sell faster then they can supply and they should be ashamed of themselves because it 'should' be so easy to make 2 hot products at least pump out 2 million every hour I mean come on!

ChickeyCantor3919d ago

Even if they are holding back they are still kicking bringing that on the table is a bit useless.

PS360WII3919d ago

How could they be holding back? If it was just the DS selling like hotcakes then I would question it. Yet the fact is they are trying to meet demand of the DS and the Wii which by all senses has the same amount of want right now. The shear suggestion that they are holding back stock is quite funny. They were just kind of sorta reaching a point where they could make the DS fast enough but then the Wii as well became the must want and they went back to were they were. Nintendo is not holding back stock they just have 2 very hot products that even trying to get one ahead of demand is hard enough.

ChickeyCantor3919d ago

I never disagreed, i was just pointing out even if it was true, they're still selling crazy.

PS360WII3919d ago

^^ cool cool I guess I just wanted to say more haha

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