WorthPlaying previews Mass Effect

Mass Effect may be the most highly anticipated Xbox 360 title to not be spawned from an established franchise, but the universe-exploring RPG has something else going for it that might be worth as much as a million-selling predecessor: the BioWare logo emblazoned on its packaging. More importantly, BioWare's trademarked style of highly customizable experiences, introduced to console gamers with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire, infuses every inch of Mass Effect, its most ambitious project to date.

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ben hates you3917d ago

its already at 110 and only one comment, i want to play this game so bad

ParaDise_LosT3917d ago

GotY! Bioware has never made a game for Xbox that didn't earn that title...
I don't think they want to stop now!
I want this game :)