Xbox 360 U.S. Release Date Revision (07.30.07)

Jump in to the future and see what's coming for Microsoft's monster machine.


Xbox 360 games that is, not a new edition of the console itself.

Note that these are tentative release dates and are subject to change. Since release dates change on an almost daily basis, be sure to call your local retailer to make sure the game you're looking for is available (TBA indicates that no release date has been determined yet).

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Bloodmask3924d ago

has a solid lineup this Holiday season. A ton of AAA games on the Horizon. August is even going to be big with Boshock.

Can't wait for Halo 3 and Mass Effect.

I always think it is funny when I see Dark Sector on a list. That was supposed to be a 360 launch title and it still isn't complete. Shots of that game were the first screens I ever saw for a 360 game all the way back in '05.

Xeoset3923d ago

August, 2007 Too Human [UK] Microsoft Adventure

August this year?! PLEASE! OH PLEASE!!

Like a shadow I am3923d ago

The list says "TBA 2008" for Too Human.

Xeoset3923d ago

Did you even read the list?

"August, 2007 Too Human [UK] Microsoft Adventure "

It says August 2007, also, how am I trolling? I'm desperate to own this game, this is one of my must buys!

Like a shadow I am3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

TBA 2008 Too Human Microsoft Adventure

Don't particularly care about UK because the link here in this story points to the US page.

eLiNeS3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

WOW!!! *jaw hit floor*

P4KY B3923d ago

I had forgotten about that one.
Is it really coming out in Aug 2007?

FirstknighT3923d ago

Are you serious??? That is one serious lineup. Wow! The 360 is second to none!

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The story is too old to be commented.