New video of The 3rd Birthday

Check out some previously unseen footage of The 3rd Birthday. The video is a collection of footage from the game's teaser site.

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Valay2881d ago

I wish more people looked into this game. I personally think Parasite Eve is a pretty good series (I know this is a spinoff of sorts).

MattyF2881d ago

Parasite Eve 2 really hurt this series. The first game was amazing.

Valay2881d ago

In a way, yeah. Though the funny thing is, both games garnered similar critical receptions. On Metacritic, the first Parasite Eve is only a few points higher than the sequel.

Pozzle2881d ago

I thought both PE games were great...for different reasons.

Yeah, PE2 felt like a weird mash-up of Resident Evil and Final Fantasy, but it was a solid game and showed that Squaresoft weren't only good at making RPGs. Tbh, I would've loved to see Square give the survival-horror genre a go back when they were popular in the PSone days. They did a solid job.

Kamikaze1352881d ago

The reason it isn't called Parasite Eve 3 is because Eve isn't in this game and it would be misleading to call it Parasite Eve 3. Square Enix already stated that this is a main entry in the series and they're planning on releasing more games in the franchise. I guess whether they do or not depends on 3rd Birthdays sales.

The Great Melon2881d ago

Don't worry. I never played the first two games, but hearing about this game has caused me to go searching for Parasite Eve. The game looks good and interesting.

GamingForever2881d ago

Never heard about this game before...

mirroredderorrim2881d ago

I'm going to buy this to support the PSP and show SE that it's still a good platform to develop on. I hope many people will do the same.

raztad2881d ago

If game is good, it is a sure purchase.

PW is already mine and P3, VC2 are next.

Gene2881d ago

Don't get me started on pw love that game.

Spenok2881d ago

I think SE is one of the few Dev companies still regularly making games for the PSP since every game they make on the console tends to sell very well.

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