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New video of The 3rd Birthday

Check out some previously unseen footage of The 3rd Birthday. The video is a collection of footage from the game's teaser site. (PSP, The 3rd Birthday)

FlyWestbrook  +   1791d ago
Looks sweet.
Valay  +   1791d ago
I wish more people looked into this game. I personally think Parasite Eve is a pretty good series (I know this is a spinoff of sorts).
MattyF  +   1791d ago
Parasite Eve 2 really hurt this series. The first game was amazing.
Valay  +   1791d ago
In a way, yeah. Though the funny thing is, both games garnered similar critical receptions. On Metacritic, the first Parasite Eve is only a few points higher than the sequel.
Pozzle  +   1791d ago
I thought both PE games were great...for different reasons.

Yeah, PE2 felt like a weird mash-up of Resident Evil and Final Fantasy, but it was a solid game and showed that Squaresoft weren't only good at making RPGs. Tbh, I would've loved to see Square give the survival-horror genre a go back when they were popular in the PSone days. They did a solid job.
Kamikaze135  +   1791d ago
It's not a spin off
The reason it isn't called Parasite Eve 3 is because Eve isn't in this game and it would be misleading to call it Parasite Eve 3. Square Enix already stated that this is a main entry in the series and they're planning on releasing more games in the franchise. I guess whether they do or not depends on 3rd Birthdays sales.
The Great Melon  +   1791d ago
Don't worry. I never played the first two games, but hearing about this game has caused me to go searching for Parasite Eve. The game looks good and interesting.
-Mezzo-  +   1791d ago
Looks great.
GamingForever  +   1791d ago
Never heard about this game before...
mirroredderorrim  +   1791d ago
I'm going to buy this to support the PSP and show SE that it's still a good platform to develop on. I hope many people will do the same.
raztad  +   1791d ago
If game is good, it is a sure purchase.

PW is already mine and P3, VC2 are next.
Gene  +   1791d ago
Don't get me started on pw love that game.
Spenok  +   1791d ago
I think SE is one of the few Dev companies still regularly making games for the PSP since every game they make on the console tends to sell very well.
gta_manic  +   1791d ago
for a moment there...
I thought it was a wii game because of the graphics.
jneul  +   1791d ago
pe3rd birthday looks sweet, i just hope the controls for targeting enemies wont be using the buttons on the right, if so i want it playable on ps3 so i can use my dualshock3
Azeris  +   1790d ago
Hell yeah!
This looks sweet I was a massive fan of Parasite Eve, loved em. I'll have to get a PSP then lol

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