Computer games warning from MP

A Warning about the danger of computer games triggering photosensitive epileptic fits is being raised in Parliament by MP John Penrose.

Mr Penrose has tabled a number of questions to the Minister demanding to know why companies are not forced by law to issue warnings with the games...

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MrSwede3787d ago

The concern is why there is no legal requirement to publish these warnings and still most games have warnings, infact most game manuals dedicate whole pages of warnings and they do this even though there is no legal requirement. Isn´t that a positive thing? What am I missing here?

Chexd3787d ago

agreed! exactly what i was going to say.

iballa3787d ago

They are soo many ways to die or get hurt, we cannot worry about all of them or we would never leave our beds. Still MP's needs to raise issues so they look busy otherwise we would know what a useless over paid lot they really are.

Rooted_Dust3787d ago

Because epileptic people know the risks associated with watching movies, playing games, ect...(anything with flashing lights), not to mention the fact that every game manual has a warning, ususally on the inside of the front cover. God, if we keep trying to idiot-proof the world, the only people fit to live here will be idiots.

Morbius4203787d ago

I already see that the idiots are starting to take over. The biggest one is in the White House.