SCEA Chief Financial Officer Optimistic About Losses

With the Nintendo Wii outselling the PS3 by nearly five times, Oneda, Chief Financial Officer for Sony remains optimistic... in a weird way. Definitely something you don't hear an executive say everyday.

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THC CELL3708d ago

All this will soon change around Christmas and march 08

TheMART3708d ago

"Actually, because the number of units sold was not as high as we hoped, the loss was better than our original expectation."

It just all sounds a bit weird

felidae3707d ago

"It just all sounds a bit weird"

yeah, just like you man, just like you!

Bloodmask3708d ago

bc initially hardware is sold at a loss. But why would any company be glad not to sell a lot of their consoles?

Very strange indeed.

Ju3707d ago

He is the CFO. The guy who handles money. For these guys, a number is a good number if its in the black (not in the red). And a small black number is better then a big red number. Fact is, by selling less, Sony kept the losses lower (indeed, that is a contradiction, isn't it), but also to push unit numbers sold high requires a huge cash flow. More for the PS3 then anything else (e.g. the PS3 costs about 2-3x the Wii, thus requiring about 2-3x the money to build and ship). Now, we all know the Nintendo makes a lot of cash with the wii. Now, take that number and multiply by, 2.5. If take, both, Wii and PS3 units sold, both might move around the same amount of cash. And we are talking about $Billion amounts here.

kevin11223708d ago

well i'd be pretty happy selling 4.5 million units with cheaper competition. I mean of course they hope to sell more and that is expected of them. I think this is the first time id agree with themart, this is a little odd.

Armyless3707d ago

Two different markets that cater to two different crowds at two different price points.

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