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Submitted by Hitman0769 1978d ago | opinion piece

That “Chore” Feeling… When Fun Factors are Questionable

DualShockers writes, "Greetings, I’ve invited you all here today to talk about what I consider a very important element of a good game. That would be the desire to play it. Yes, obviously there should always be a want to play a game but perhaps my explanation would benefit from an example of my experience with that “Chore” feeling." (Culture, Final Fantasy XIII, Industry, PS3, Super Street Fighter IV, Xbox 360)

booni3  +   1978d ago
It like...playing a game for Gamerscore or trophies, isnt it?
Imperator  +   1978d ago
Yep, the only reason to play is to justify the money spent on it. SE really dropped the ball on this one.
D4RkNIKON  +   1978d ago
FF13 definitely felt like a chore to play. Then I traded it in and never looked back.
atwon23  +   1978d ago
I said the same thing a couple months ago. only keeping it to complete the collection.
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Hitman0769  +   1978d ago

You said the same thing in a review.. yet gave it a 9.2 , I'm confused.
Heisenberg  +   1978d ago
Yeah, I think most everyone that played FFXIII
at one point or another had that moment where they realized: This is it... There's no more surprises. Sterile, uniform, linear environments followed by cutscenes. I never felt very involved in the game, it was impossible to connect, there was never any reason to think, just run from point A to B. Even the stores were uncreative, just a generic arbitrary ball representing a store, god forbid you actually get the opportunity to interact with another character.

The stories, the charming towns and townspeople, the stories behind the towns respective histories, the adventures, the deviating subplots etc etc etc it's all gone, they stripped FFXIII down to the bare bones of a game. It becomes a system: A to B then Cutscene, A to B then Cutscene and so on... A FF game should pay close attention to details, it should be an epic experience, that's why it's a famous series. What a misstep.
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Boody-Bandit  +   1978d ago
"You said the same thing in a review.. yet gave it a 9.2 , I'm confused."
atwon23  +   1978d ago
@Hitman0769 and Brutally Honest
Busted??? Thats not my review. Just my comment to the review.
Boody-Bandit  +   1978d ago
"Busted??? Thats not my review. Just my comment to the review."
ooops, my bad.

Hitman0769 that's the last time I am taking your word for anything! ;) *walks away with egg on face*

Now isn't this^ more fun than arguing over sales, reviews and who can piss further or more accurate? LOL!
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abang  +   1978d ago

That's exactly how i felt playing ff13. I love it, but it ended up being an action rpg, losing most of its FF charm. Here hoping that FFv13 would get me back, though I have doubts..I dont want to, i just have
ChozenWoan  +   1978d ago
Demons Souls is an action RPG...
... FF13 was
... um... a um...
... I know I've played that type of game before...
... ohh that's right!

It's a 1 button quick-time event game.

I only played about 10-12 hours into the game before I gave up. Some say I should have kept playing till it got to the good part. Well if I'm already 12 hours in and the game is boring the snot out of me, something is seriously wrong.

GoW 1-3 is only about 10-15 hours long each, yet each moment is epic. Assassins Creed, MW (single player), Prince of Persia are all about the same length of time that I put into FF13, and all are great games.

Basically, I should not have to chore through 1-3 games worth of game time just to get to the good part of 1 game. That and that awful music just killed the game for me. I cringe every time I hear that mess.

Laters... got me feeling ill just thinking about Vanille's voice.
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Heisenberg  +   1978d ago
Yeah I'm still hoping for the best with Versus.
From what little I've seen it looks really cool, but as we know with SE just because a screenshot or a scan looks beautiful, doesn't mean the game will deliver.

My main hope is that they jam pack Versus with stuff to do, creative interactive things, in a grand world that actually feels alive. Give me a rich world to explore, a great story and characters I can connect with and I'm happy, not over the top, flamboyant nancy boy nit wits that can't stop calling themselves heroes and pumping their fists and a hallway to the next cutscene.

SE has the resources to make the epic RPG we haven't had in years, classic elements mixed with new, lets hope they come through this time.
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Reibooi  +   1978d ago
Personally I never felt as if Final Fantasy XIII was a chore.

The first few hours of the game the dynamic fast paced combat alone kept me from getting that feeling and then just when it started to get old and chore like new things were introduced that you needed to master(new paradigms and tactics and whatnot) and that pattern continues until you reach Gran Pulse at which point the game opens up so much it can't possibly feel like a chore.

It's hard for the game to feel like a chore when the game forces you to know how to play. There are plenty of bosses in the game that will destroy you if you don't do what the game is trying to teach you at that time(for example learning buffing and debuffing in one of the bosses with Sazh and Vanille that fight seems impossible until you buff and debuff and then it's cake and that keeps the game interesting and not feeling like a chore.)

I realize I am one of the few people who think that way and am probably the only one on N4G who doesn't do nothing but Bash XIII but regardless I never felt like it was a chore.
Redempteur  +   1978d ago
you're not alone ..FF13 wasn't a chore but grinding in order to get money felt like a real chore ( post-end game ) but hey that's grinding ... ( it would have been better with some trick to pass time -- kinda gold saucer
-- or that card game
--( even ff6 had some moments when they broke the seriousness of the story )

anyway .. we all remember these moments when you put the console ON not to follow the story but to enjoy the things "on the sides" ..ff13 has nothing like that and that's a real regret .

Still FF13 is a REALLY GOOD GAME it just lacked what made some FF legendary , variety aside from the rpg itself

more huge areas like the big grand pulse ZONE would have given this game the sense of scope it needed
Hitman0769  +   1978d ago
I believe the gaming community got pretty well divided on this game in regard to this issue. Many people feel on either side of the fence and that's fine everyone is allowed to have their own opinions. It just seems to create a parallel reality to the idea that the game is good/bad at the same time to different people for different reasons.
huzzaahh  +   1978d ago
I completely agree. The game stayed fresh until the end for me. In fact, I've put in a good number of post-endgame hours doing the missions.

I really wish that there had been a lot more mini games and side quests to do. I also wish that you had to search for ultimate weapons/armour.

Over all, though, I enjoyed the game a lot.
Redempteur  +   1978d ago
That too looking for legendary weapons is way better than getting them through shops & upgrades ..

That treasure hunt feeling , you know
Pozzle  +   1978d ago
Square Enix need to go back and play the earlier FF games to realize what made them so loveable. I can still play through FFVI or FFVII and enjoy it - and it isn't just nostalgia talking - It's the likeable characters, the story twists, the varied enemies with varied strategies for beating them, the compelling villains, being INVOLVED with the world and the people in it.

FFXIII didn't seem to have much of this. You're suddenly shoved into the action without any reason to care about these characters or their quest. The world was sterile and uninteresting. There were no towns, no shops, not even some lone refugees to chat with along the way. Most battles could be won by pressing one button, and all the attacks looked the same (what happened to epic battle animations?) Hell, Square even managed to make a theme park boring!
It was such a chore to play. I literally felt like the only reason to complete the game was to be able to say that I'd beaten it and get a few trophies along the way.
Taran  +   1978d ago
I completely agree if a game feels like a chore its not even worth playing anymore. This game had some painful grinding too especially if you wanted your tier 3 weapons.
Hitman0769  +   1978d ago
I can relate to this for the game itself as well as other games in my collection. There should be a genuine desire to play not just the regret of blowing 60$ on games. Even worse is when I got a game for less and feel the same way!
JoelT  +   1978d ago
I know im in the minority when i say this
But I hate rpg titles that make you grind it out in order to get to a certain level to keep the games narrative moving.

Here come the disagrees :(
Xymes  +   1978d ago
I don't think anyone will disagree with you on that.
nickjkl  +   1978d ago
i played worst i used to grind for .02 percent at halfway the half way point in one game
Fanb0y  +   1978d ago
Such old-school designs have to be ditched in favor of more streamlined experiences.
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Crusade  +   1978d ago
That's the funny thing about demon's souls. You can actually beat the game without leveling up at all. It's just incredibly stupid to do so. :)
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foss3  +   1978d ago
I wanted to like FF13, but it is a chore to play. I got about half way through and lost interest and haven't touched it since.

I don't think I will buy another Final Fantasy game.
Gene  +   1978d ago
You won't say that when versus comes out want to wager lmao.
Gue1  +   1978d ago
FF is a series but the games only share certain elements. I f you didn't enjoyed one it doesn't mean that you will not like the next one... FFvsXIII looks like it's going to be vastly different to FFXIII you know.
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Red5  +   1978d ago
That's exactly the thing. A game is no longer fun when it becomes forced and frustrating. I was tempted to quit FF when things opened up 20-25 hours in because there was so much to do. However, I am now 35 hours in and haven't had to grind at all. The story is just wonderful, keeps me going.
Hudahudahuda  +   1978d ago
Final Fantasy has never been good.
Timesplitter14  +   1978d ago
But it has always provided us with glorious fap material

(but hey FF6,7,8,9,10 were all good. Haven't played the first 4 though)
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Gene  +   1978d ago
12 is better then 13 and if you disagree plz tell me why I want to laugh.
Troll-without-Bridge  +   1978d ago
Thats how i feel about sandbox games, and i choose not to play them. I dont buy them and the write a blog about how i forced myself to play them.

Thats stupid.
TheTeam06  +   1978d ago
I hate that feeling. Still, there's something that makes me go through with it nonetheless. Maybe it's because I keep digging through the chores, hoping that fun will come out of it.
booni3  +   1978d ago
@ red5
i wish that my experience had been similar.
DaTruth  +   1978d ago
FF13 was such a chore that I am choring it again! It's a chore for me not to play it. What the Hell other game is gonna give me a 30 hour linear campaign with no backtracking and gamers are always crying how games are too short. Not to mention the ridiculously high production values with an 84 song soundtrack that matches!

If you are finding the combat boring it is because you don't now what you're doing and I suggest you pick up a manual or start the whole game over again! There's a lot to like about the game and only one thing to hate: that it is not a traditional Final Fantasy game!

This will be my last comment like this as there is nothing I hate more than an (insert game/console here)defense force!
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Gene  +   1978d ago
Hahahahahahahahahahaahahah this comment is so rich.
huzzaahh  +   1978d ago
The combat in FFXIII was fantastic.
kraze07  +   1978d ago
FFXIII never felt like a chore to me. If anything it's less of a chore compared to older JRPGs. Nothing feels more like a chore than being completely lost in a jrpg with random battle sequences.
Fuzia  +   1978d ago
Am I the only one...
Am I the only who actually likes FF XIII? I liked the story and the cast (Except for the QQ'er), I am now 81 hours into the game, have finished it, and am still playing it for the sake of getting my platinum (: I'm still having fun, and I'm still stunned by the visuals of this game everytime I play it.

The first time I put my controller down where I didn't have to, was when I got to Grand Pulse. It was too much for me to drag in, after all the linearity. But I really liked this game, and the side quests were cool too, although I would've liked more than just "Kill these mobs!" side q's. I really like FF XIII ... Am I a gaming failure? D:
DaTruth  +   1978d ago
I got 140 hours in with all my tier 3 weapons but not all my accessories and then my PS3 RLOD when the fan died. Now I got my Slim and have started all over again(managed to salvage my gamesave, but decided to start over nonetheless) and came to the conclusion; that I didn't have the foggiest clue what I was doing the first 20 hours of this game on my first playthrough!

I am damn sick now and 5 stars on everything and switching up paradigms like I switch up feet when walking!
booni3  +   1978d ago
@ atwon
so did you think it was fun or like a chore? or... a fun chore?? but then is it even a chore anymore? im confused also.
Jls1  +   1978d ago
@ Fuzia
imo ff13 was great, which is why im still working on platinum
Fuzia  +   1978d ago
Happy that I am not alone.
Sadly I might have to play through the game again to get the items trophy because I probably sold the fire ring, or wth it was you weren't supposed to sell... That wore me down a lot. But eventually, I will get it :D
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user9037305   1978d ago | Spam
EverydayGuy  +   1978d ago
FF 13 would have been better if we had town's to take a break from all those battles. Its been battle, cut scene, battle, cut scene, all through the game.
Fuzia  +   1978d ago
But that would be totally against the whole story of the game.
Everyone's under pressure because they're branded... how could they even think about relaxin, when they could become monsters any minute? ...
EverydayGuy  +   1978d ago
They can tell by their tattoo if their time is up. They all personal had problems and whine a whole lot. That is the problem they all were over stress and they can't think clearly, that is why they need a break.
linqingshan001   1978d ago | Spam
Ninferno  +   1978d ago
you know what feels like a chore right now? LEGO Harry Potter. That game has almost no enemies and you just collect stuff!
blackmanpranks   1978d ago | Spam
glassjoe2k8  +   1978d ago
Agree with Fuzia. The pace matched the plot, which is a nice detail curiously ingored in other 'omg teh worldz is cummin down!!!' games that show your characters dicking around and having fun pre-apocalypse.

Right now, I'm finding Mass Effect to be a chore. After the glitz and flash of FF13, Bayonetta, etc it's talk-talk-talk, horrible driving, and overall gritty drabness is weighing on me. I'm sure this speaks less to quality and more to just my mood at the moment.
zerocool3397  +   1978d ago
Final Fantasy XIII had the best combat system of any of the combat systems. What they should have done is have it so you controlled all 3 of your characters and took the auto battle button away (not that I ever used it). The fact that people are saying its a one button affair, well thats any turn based system.. christ you always press the same frigging button.

Funny thing is, all the people complaining that its no FFVII, if that's the game they wanted they should have gone and got that. Most people have compared it to FFVII instead of praising it on its own merits. Yeah its not the "best" Final Fantasy title but it does have some excellent gameplay in there. When I reviewed it I tried to stay unbiased. I didn't read a single review and I wasn't influenced by being a huge fan of the series. I raised some valid points but I also gave praise where it was due. for anyone thats interested.

Personally I don't think people will ever get a Final Fantasy that they will rate higher than VII, its not like it was the best either. VII was only classed as the best due to it being the first time a FF game had been as openly received in the UK, European and American markets.

Its a shame that people just cant get over the linear thing. Also people complaining that its a chore and that they grinding is painstaking...

1) You can play the game without grinding at all
2) Grinding is the same on any JRPG, regardless of the name. If you like it on any other, you should like it the same on FFXIII.
3) All turn based JRPGs make you press one button to do an action, infact most games you press one button to do an action.
4) The storyline was quite simple to follow and was the best story since FFVII (not that anyone will agree) as it engaged you with all the characters. Anyone that says the characters are cliché, its a JRPG, what you expect.
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