Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Preview

Eurogamer: Work on The Force Unleashed began back in summer of 2004, when the team was tasked simply with creating a great next-gen game in the Star Wars universe - and given free reign to play around with what that could mean. Since then, LucasArts' investment in people and technology has been massive - on a scale, in fact, matched only by the team's ambition.

The game promises to visit a wide range of environments from across the Star Wars universe - some of which have never been shown on screen before...

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CourtesyFlush3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

"Thirty years. That's how long it's been since Star Wars first dragged cinema-goers off to a galaxy far, far away. Obviously, this means one very important thing; if you remember the film's original release, you are now really, really old. Sorry."

*sigh* I guess 35 is the new 90 and I should just feel lucky to have lived so very, very long. Why, I can remember the days when we bounced a big dot from side to side and liked it! Then the Atari 2600 and "Combat" came along and it was like being back in Nam. Man, the tanks... The shot, spinning tanks! MAKE EM STOP SPINNING! JOHNNNNNNNY NOOOOOO!

*end flashback*

Well, I guess it's about time I grow up, and realize that all this silly science fiction Star Wars and fancy schmancy video gaming is for the kiddies. No respectable old geezer wants to be part of this multi-billion industry that entertains millions and makes this old timer's ticker beat like when I first played "Kid Icarus" and thought that it couldn't possibly get better (then "Bionic Commando" came along).

But, I'm hoping I'll hang on just long enough to enjoy this Star Wars thing one more time before my cataracts get too bad and they stick me in some home watching Wheel of Fortune and drinking dinner through a straw.

I'll miss you n4gamers! Fanboys and all! My time is up, Butters.... Good byeeeeee... Good byeeeeee...

Anyway, the one very important thing is that I'm really, really old and still looking forward to playing one more time—a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.


Rowland3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Don't cark it - you have to live long enough to experience Mass Effect !

CourtesyFlush3883d ago

Dang, Rowland, you're right! Even more than Halo 3, Mass Effect is the reason I'm adding a 360 to the family. Looks like a grand space opera in and of itself.