GT5 Prologue scans from Famitsu

Sucking news from the Japanese magazine Famitsu has been the only way to find out more information regarding Gran Turismo 5 and the standard series taster to be released shortly, GT5 Prologue. A series of five large sized scans from the latest Famitsu are now up online.

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StrboyM3923d ago

these dudes are competing with real life.

these guys have been trying there hand at this game for a long time now, with great success i may add. the last 2 got kinda repetitive for me. i hope this is the one that starts my engines up again

in car cam - real time weather effect - and i heard some talk of car damage this time around(not confirmed)

please if you dont agree, dont rate me down just ignore me.

Vojkan3923d ago

Can someone tell me if there will be car damages in game?

Stormflood3923d ago

...if you mean 'videogame damage' or 'real damage'. In games like PGR, you can continue racing after a +200mph head collision with a wall. In real life, a 20mph wall crash will right-off your car - how annoying would that be for gamers!

I understand the problem Polyphony have with car damage; if they do it, they will make it realistic, but if they make it realistic, gamers will turn it off. Also, certain manufacturers cars may fair better than others and they certainly won't approve of that.

Gamer133923d ago

Im happy the pitstop is still in this game, can,t wait for a 20lap race.

IM OUT...///"""

CG3923d ago

The pit stops was one of my favourite features in GT4.
I just hope they nail the physics and handling of the cars, then it would be perfect.
Cant wait to do some endurance races on the le mans track.

level 3603923d ago

They said before ( read on this site ) that damage would be implemented as download content, but can't surely say because there are still some issues of discontent from a few car manufacturers.
That is why I am also wondering, does that mean not all vehicles would have damage? ( which is kind of crazy... )
Also with all the different titles that GranTurismo has like ( GT-HD which is suppose to be GT4, then this GT5 Prologue Series, will it actually be GT4 1/2?, and followed by the { true } GT5. )
But I must say what this would mean to the next GranTurismo series ( 6th ). Many, and I mean many manufacturers will surely want to be included in that game ( with such drop dead georgeous graphics they would all want to be in it ). That would be like a huge complement and give all those manufacturers with a great deal of advertisement. Like being invited to be a guest star on the Simpsons cartoon.

THC CELL3923d ago

too good to be true

i like it.