New Halo 3 scans showcase its campaign

With each passing week, seemingly more and more Halo 3 campaign screens and info begin to surface, stirring hype before its grand release this September. This time, French gaming magazine Joypad has revealed several new screens that take place in one of Halo 3's jungle locales. It's now evident: Bungie sure as hell wasn't lying when they said the Halo 3 single player would look great.

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power of Green 3917d ago

Can somebody tell me whats being said in the 3rd pic.

P4KY B3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

Graphics are better than gears of war. And how the walls of Sony HQ will come tumbling down once Halo 3 is released.

i Shank u3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

yo i took three years of french and i cant read one fvcking word damnit!, except something about colors change with circumstances or something anyone can figure lol. but yea, what he said, walls and wallets will be crumbling

EDIT- @ below thx for translation. Gears + colors is niceeee

P4KY B3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

Technically, the shock is less than at the time of Gears of War.
However, it is very pretty, decorations are vaster colors in all circumstances.

Therefore, graphics on a par with GOW but with more colours.

InMyOpinion3917d ago

"Technically, the shock is less than at the time of Gears of war. However, it is very pretty, the decorations are vaster and the colors pètent(?) in all circumstances."

eLiNeS3917d ago

You both beat me to it. I took to long trying to figure out all the words. Not sure what "pètent" is either, or "pòtent".

larry0073916d ago

MS are surely crazy.

They are bringing this game in the era of Photorealism displayed by LAIR,HS,KZ2,UT3,FF13,MGS 4,GT 5 and others.

already PS3 has overtaken x360 in NA...

wht does MS want to do with this cartoon game???


nasim3916d ago one is hyped up for this cartoon halo 3.

ps3 has already overtaken x360 in NA in july

PS3 is murdering x360 in terms of sales in JAPAN and EUROPE

as for others ...this is the cartoon gameplay footage of HALO3.

the ingame footage of LAIR,HS and KZ2 look much better than the CGI move of ga*LO 3

360Crusader3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

Its always funny to see how little it takes for a Sony Fan boy to gloat

A really pathetic lot you are. The PS3 out sold the 360 by 13,000 consoles, big victory for you guys huh? The 360 been out a year before the PS3 yet its sales still remain strong. And I predict when the price cut happens in August the scales will tip again. Because we know people like a good deal.

And did you see the 360 software sales (WEEKLY) on your link larry007?
The 360 is crushing all (723,703) even the, almighty PS2 is getting man handled (449,275) that's really achievement considering the PS2 has well over a thousand games and the software is cheaper. Give credit people.
And DS (412,195) & Wii (391,845) is even farther behind, and well the PS3 (254,069) ranks in at number 5

And you both say Halo 3 looks cartoony? Thats one neat looking cartoon.
Are you sure were looking at the same screen shots? Maybe you seen them pictures on Halo 1 and 2 website when you were looking to purchase them.

But dont get me wrong I'm not entirely without sympathy for Sony fan boys. PS3 is a good piece of hardware and they do have some really good games coming out. But so does the 360. So dont go running your mouths so soon. Its not very polite.

hazeblaze3916d ago

I do like the art design of the game's environment... but it doesn't look very crisp or 'powerful' graphically. Certainly doesn't look up to Gears level... makes me wonder does it look different in the scans than what they were actually seeing???

Aside from the design & the broader color scheme... it does look very similar to Resistance graphically. NOT trying to flame! And like I said, maybe it'll look better in person or something.

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The Panther3917d ago

Im not a Halo fan but Im getting excited, This will be the first game I buy(only rented the first two games).

Lyberator3917d ago

Yeah I'm starting to get more hyped for this now.

larry0073916d ago

Here is the cartoonistic gameplay footage of HALO 3

Wile3917d ago

wish I spoke french.

Bloodmask3917d ago

It is kind of wierd seeing Halo based in an Earth-like environment.

I wasn't in the beta. But I hope Bungie sped up the firing rate of the plasma rifle. In 2 it shot so slow and bc of that the accuracy was horrible.

Lyberator3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

From what I played of it it still sucks. I always had trouble getting a kill with it (by itself). But that might just be me. And I'm sure they tweaked it. That's what the beta was for.

@i shank you- yeah the plasma/physical combo still works great. Thats the only thing its good for IMO.

edit: yeah thats gunna be the combo to use. P rifle and brute shotty.

i Shank u3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

in the beta on snowbound i got alot of kills with plasma rifle/brute spikr combo. i liked the rifle better this time, what i noticed is while the plasma is in the air it travels faster then before. BAM! ur dead faster now :)

EDIT- ^^^yep, thats what its good for. dude with new pistol and one hand brute shotty the plasma rifle's gonna be more useful this time

MastaGT3917d ago

Man, I don't give a dam flying fuc* about sony's ps3 or it's price's got some killer games and the best killer app on any console.

Sony don't got anything on microsoft

Halo3 babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! !
Hope sony loses some customers to this brilliant game come the 25th of september