World In Conflict: AU Technology Interview

Why it won't run on the PS3, the best PC for the game, and more.

Built on one of the most impressive graphics engines around, this RTS has a level of detail that would make a first person shooter weep.

The game's lead designer, Magnus Jansen - aka Sound Boy, thanks to his history as the sound guy at Massive - took the time out of his busy schedule to delve into the technology that drives the game.

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Zhuk3917d ago

This is definitely one of my must have titles the limited edition is amazing (a piece of the berlin wall!)

On a side note very illuminating comments about the PS3

i Shank u3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

you get a piece of the berlin wall thats a cool bonus for the LE, definitely original. it seems like any dev. who is developing on the cell when interviewed always says how it has limitless potential, and any developer who is not working on cell says they dont want that potential.- hmmm?

this game looks awesome, unfortunately my PC is a weak turn so i will get the 360 version :/ as long as i can TAC NUKE some Reds :)

Panthers3917d ago

Well i guess it's harder to develop for, but that is what makes it more powerfull... IDK tech stuff to well. We will see later down the line. I wish this game would come to PS3, I hate playing multi-player on PC. There are just too many hoops to go through on PC.