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Jason Evangelho writes:
"Publisher 505 Games should have altered course somewhere during the development cycle and trimmed down both the content and the price. Were Naughty Bear a $10 or $15 digital title for PSN or Xbox Live, we suspect this review would have been entirely different. Sadly, this $50 game belongs in the bargain bin."

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Neco5122824d ago

wow! I'm surprised, for all they hype this game got?

-MD-2824d ago

This game had hype? I was hoping it would score 8's or higher but I'm still going to rent it regardless.

killyourfm2824d ago

A rental seems fair, but don't plunk down $50 for it.

Pennywise2824d ago

I remember saying 2010 summer time is a perfect time to catch up on the back catalog of games we missed and someone disagreed a linked me to Naughty Bear... so yeah, some people were trying to hype it.

killyourfm2824d ago

I think it was more a product of the onslaught of trailers produced for the game. They WERE pretty hilarious, and I started to see some writers wondering if it could be a sleeper hit.

Rest assured, it's not :-/

CrAppleton2824d ago

Seriously disappointed.. what happened here?

Queasy2824d ago

Naughty bear is naughty!

Kind of sucks that the game play doesn't match up with the humor.

killyourfm2824d ago

Ugh, the gameplay was so laborious.

2824d ago
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