What the UFC's fighters think of UFC 2010

Dualshockers: The Games4M team are massive MMA fans so we were on the edge of our seats waiting for the release of UFC Undisputed 2010. In this Games4M show we review UFC undisputed 2010 to see if it does justice to our favourite sport but we dont just stop there – we talk to two of the UFC’s biggest stars from the UK and ask them what they think of the game.

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taz80802667d ago

The new UFC title did not impress me as much as the original did. Let's see what the fighters thought

JoelT2667d ago

are freaking hilarious but at the same time very in depth about the title.

Hitman07692667d ago

Looking great, I want to pick this up!!!

Nicaragua2667d ago

LOL - lmao at the geddan bit, totally crowbarred in but absolutely hilarious :)

Awesome job getting the interview with Bisping, he's been a bit too defensive in the Octagon lately but im hoping he'll do the job in a rematch with wanderlei.

Anyway good review, totally agree about the online. Ive hardly been able to get any matches and i did keep getting reversed every 2 minutes - at least i know its not just me.

Games4M - Rob2667d ago

Cheers dude we've been wanting to do that for ages.

Talking to Bisping was awesome, i have been a massive fan since he won season 3 of The Ultimate Fighter. Also Ross Pearson is one of teh nicest guys you will ever meet...outside the octagon :)

Christopher2667d ago

La Roux intro music? Glad to see some good electro-synth music like theirs get more use.

Ninferno2667d ago

i never got into the ufc games. they look too complicated.

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The story is too old to be commented.