The Casual Conflict

So, thanks to a large degree to the Nintendo Wii, casual gaming seems to be on the rise. More and more parents, grandparents, non-gamers, babies, and puppies are starting to pick up on this whole "gaming" thing. And this is a good thing, isn't it?

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Bloodmask3919d ago

is doing great things for the Industry. The demographic of people who aren't gamers by far outweighs the people who are.

Microsoft, and Sony are most likely selling 360 and PS3 to consumers that were already gamers last gen. Is it coincidence that PS1 and 2 both sold about 100 million consoles?

By drasticly expanding the market Nintendo is making videogames a more mainstream form of entertainment. Which may rival motion pictures one day.

All the non-gamers that the Wii captivates into gaming are potential consumers for both PS3 and 360. Without the initial lure by the old Wii-mote these people may have never even tried a console game.

RyuCloudStrife3919d ago

yeah its good for the industry, but I the dude went too far with the puppies

btkadams3919d ago

casual games may be growing the industry and helping devs to earn money. but it most definitely IS hurting the hardcore gamers. if all games are made casual and dumbed down for the impatient and fairly stupid populace, games will be no more deep and compelling as "Date Movie".

making casual games is great for the industry; Singstar and Guitar Hero are great games that have grabbed the attention of the non-gaming crowds. However, making a game system based solely around casual games and gimmicks, takes a third of the industry away from us hardcore gamers and destroys it.

Adamalicious3919d ago

I don't think the Wii's supposed broadening of the casual gaming market has been going on for long enough to really consider it a paradigm shift in the industry. At this point it could turn out to just be a fad - it's just too soon to tell.