Paramount Shifts Focus To Blu-ray Due To HD DVD Space Constraints

On August 28th, Paramount will ship its first high definition title to include a lossless or uncompressed soundtrack - 'Blades of Glory'. This title will feature a PCM 5.1 soundtrack for the Blu-ray release, but will feature no equivalent on the HD DVD, presumably because of the smaller disc capacity.

Two weeks later, Paramount will ship 'Face/Off' with extras features available in high definition, but only on the Blu-ray version, again due to space constraints.

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ITR3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

For some reason I can't see Face Off having a lot of features.
I mean hell, it didn't even fill up the orig. DVD9 disc.

LOL(@ disagreers) and because I'm anal.
Pulls out copy of Face Off(love the movie).
DVD9 Dual Layer disc. (it's on the back cover)
Total space used 7.12GB's of 8.5 GB's available.
It doesn't even have deleted scenes or commentary.
The only extra was the theatrical trailer.

peksi3921d ago

Sure you can stuff it onto a CD aswell! But there's a world of different in quality between DVD and Blu-Ray / HDHVD. Better quality takes up more space.

I'm sure you knew all this but just wanted to sound smart.

XxZxX3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

yup, it can filled up one VHS too. Just watch it in VHS if you want to stay in past technology.

Nice try on the anal part. Anal but you dont want more clarity on audio and video?? so screw all that. VHS is what you need. EP or SP, it sure fits

ITR3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

I'm tired.

And yes, I am kinda smart..big f'in whoop.

My point is the DVD orig had almost zero extra content.
So why would I buy a HD or BD ver? For better picture and audio on a movie thats a decade old, I don't think so!
Not, when you can just up-scale and buy the DVD9 movie for $6 bucks or less.

If they make the BD ver it better have deleted' and a commentary tracks..or I say whats the point?
I mean really.
Most people can't even tell the difference.
Case and point, we have Black Hawk Down on both DVD and BD..and most folks can't even tell the difference on a 70inch Toshiba, we have on display.
Now they notice the difference on Click though.
Or Charlie and the Choclate Factory or Batman Begins and Superman Returns.

must hit the sack now.


Nice, but I still do have my VHS tapes. I have about 300 VHS tapes and 500 DVD's.

The problem with HD anything on an old movie they get grainy(especially low light and indoor shoots) and I hate the fact you can see when the film maker used a different film due to light sensitivity.
Some folks like this...but I detest that. I do however like better sound.
But most movies don't even support my 7.1 Klipsch sound sys.

Nav13921d ago

People disagree when your not on the Blu-ray side.

Rageanitus3920d ago

I agree that commentary and extra's are not really useful..

But the picture quality on hd-dvd and BD is one step WAY up

I have a 300 dollar upconverting dvd player and it still does not compare to the picture sharpness and color HD disk. Upconverted is upconverted... meaning the the image is being manipulated in such a way to make it seem better than it really is , and even when that in mind blu-ray and hd-dvd quality is stil superb.

I've had friends who did not believe me at first until I popped in a BD, they were astonished. Even my parents and grandparents that dont really have good vision can easily tell the differece.

Quite honestly when I look at upconverted dvd;s I still cringe when viewing on a 100 inch projector. And even in theatres the image dont look as sharp as before (even though im pretty sure theatres are projecting at a much higher resolution but at a MUCH MUCH higher space to projector)

Hell I even notice a diff when I plug my ps3 directly to a 27 inch lcd, the sharpness and color are still quite noticeble.

SlappyMcTaint3920d ago

Uhh, you obviously haven't a clue to how much space HD video and Uncompressed Audio take up. An uncompressed AUDIO track is in the megabytes PER SECOND, when a Superbit DTS track on DVD (which sounds awesome btw) maxes out around 750kb per second. As for video, they'll get above 30mb per second.... Blu-Ray FTW.

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btkadams3921d ago

it would be sweet if this format ended... im so sick of hearing about it.

xmod3920d ago

bye bye plane....bye bye hd-dvd...

bye bye plane....bye bye hd-dvd...

bye bye plane....bye bye hd-dvd...

Lord Anubis3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

LPMC and High Defintions graphics are amazing in games.

In movies,

there's nothing better.

Bathyj3921d ago

Face Off, cool. HD pigeons.

ShiftyLookingCow3921d ago

HD pigeons. LOL.

But if you want to protect animals from North Koreans you have to get Crysis

Huddymonster3921d ago

EA is going to start dedicating all games to PS3 claiming that disc space is the main problem because the games will not fit on a dvd9. Also the install base for the xbox360 has not moved past 15 million in a year. While the PS3 is about to break the 300 million barrier

jk but seriously GO BLU RAY