New Evidence of Xbox 360 Price Drop writes:
"I went into my local Funcoland the other day (a part of GameStop) and asked about the rumored price drop. While the clerk had not heard of anything that day, he did remark that as recently as last week that all GameStop franchises have dropped the trade-in value of the Xbox 360. This and many other clues point to the inevitable price drop of at least the Pro version of the console by fifty dollars. We will have more on this in the coming weeks."

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nasim3767d ago

after the ps3 price drop no one seems to care about x360 anymore

BTW ..ps3 has sold 40k+ consoles last week in JAPAN and MINNA GOLF ended over 230k .

In USA ps3 is hammering x360 after the price cut

MADGameR3767d ago

I don't think anyone cares because what people wanted to see was the PS3 price cut. Thats what was important.

calderra3767d ago

Wait, there's still a FunCoLand out there?
I thought the last one was converted years ago...
Maybe the guy just meant "Gamestop store that still has the old funcoland sign out front"?

MACHone3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

Yeah, we had a Funcoland around here... about 11 years ago! I thought all those places were long dead and gone.

Bloodmask3767d ago

I haven't seen a Funcoland in a long time.

I'd say it is pretty eveident the price drop is a reality. A 360 starting at $250 may even give the Wii a run for it's money.

Good idea for the Holiday season.

DEIx15x83767d ago

It seems that most reports are of the drop being solely for the premium. That's why I think this is the same move Sony is pulling. They will drop the price of the premium by $50 to get rid of all the stock. That drop date seems to be the 13th of August according to flier dates. Then 10 days latter is Leipzig where the falcon will be announced. The core will be unaltered except for the 65nm swap (thus no need to get rid of old stock since no visible change is made), the premium will gain HDMI and basically become the Halo package with a 65nm and not the Halo paint, and the Elite will finally come to the end of it's "limited time" as it goes to Europe. All prices at that point will remain $299 and $399. At CES in January after the 65nm earns some profits (lower production costs) the Core will drop to $199, the Premium to $299 and a new white Elite will launch as a standard model for $399.

beardtm3767d ago

Nasim, why bring PS3 into a 360 price drop conversation?

Aint got any decent games to play to pass the time?


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The story is too old to be commented.