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Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting Set to Dominate

Geometry Wars reign as the 'Halo' of Xbox LIVE Arcade is in serious jeopardy as the highly anticipated release of Capcom's Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting is set for Wednesday, August 2nd.

This franchise has been released and rehashed on consoles (including Xbox) for quite a while now...

So why the huge anticipation? Lets break it down... (Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting, Xbox 360)

Sphinx  +   2983d ago
I liked this game back in the day... I'm just not sure I'd play it now... well, not enough to spend $10. I might, we'll see.
THELANDSOFSAND  +   2983d ago
noo, not again

i need my 360 back now!!

damn it MS,get my repaired box back to me!
THAMMER1  +   2983d ago
You are still waiting. When did they say it was going to back. My cuz got his in 4 days.
THELANDSOFSAND  +   2983d ago

any day now, maybe even today!


but of course, the waiting is killing me. espcially when i see news like this and saints row!
Fraggerock  +   2983d ago
Does anyone know
How many players can hang out in Quarters match mode? Like, lobby wise or whatever.
THAMMER1  +   2983d ago
My gamer tag
THAMMER1 letts play!!!!!!!!!
THELANDSOFSAND  +   2983d ago
i'll be there as soon as i can!
THAMMER1  +   2983d ago
Yeah bro Saints row is that deal
I am starting a gang called N.O.F.R. We are looking for the most offical and gansta on live so I know I will see you right. Oh I will tell you what it means if you join up.
Lucidmantra  +   2983d ago
why dont you just join the n4g 360 gaming clan like LANDOFSAND has. Msg me in XBL; gt is: lucidmantra and goto our new forums at and sign up there and I will set you up a forum for the Saints row gang. I have a chromehounds squad waiting for people and alot of the people who post here who are 360 fans are members (about 40-45 people) and I got something pretty big in the works. we will have a COD2 scrimmage team soon as i get people to the new forums and I already have someone for friendly matches.
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pbo2m3  +   2983d ago
not interested
I never really cared for this game. I'm waiting for PAC MAN and Contra to come out. Maybe PaperBoy too.
bizzy12  +   2983d ago
my gamer tag is bizzy12 i be waiting to tiger uppercup any body and a yooga you send me friend a invite and prepare to get beat all walcome
STFU XBOX U SCARED  +   2983d ago
When xbox tries to say come to our console why? because we have more games out, what some cartoonish game from like 1992, that's pathetic!
MONTY 187  +   2983d ago
you are an idiot with no taste in games!
THAMMER1  +   2983d ago
DAMN you R A HAter
Hate!!!!!!!Hate!!!!!!!Hate!!!! !!!Hate!!!!!!!Hate!!!!!!!Hate!! !!!!!Hate!!!!!!!Hate!!!!!!!Hate !!!!!!!Hate!!!!!!!Hate!!!!!!!Ha te!!!!!!!
MONTY 187  +   2983d ago
They better have 0.000 lag!!
Krimson  +   2983d ago
That would defy the laws of physics.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   2983d ago
sorry landofsand
You seem a little down these days. I'm sorry that your system's in the shop. I know what it's the mean pizza's all you can do...
THELANDSOFSAND  +   2983d ago
They just keep releasing more and more great stuff on Live
i miss playing 360, its true.
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MySwordIsHeavenly  +   2983d ago
haha...defy physics
but...the PS3 can do it.

Did anyone here get the newest PSM?
THAMMER1  +   2983d ago
I read game informer PSM is corny. GI is more geared to gamers and adults.
BIadestarX  +   2983d ago
Prove it.
ohh wait.. you can't ps3 does not exist.
highps3  +   2983d ago
What I dont get is why people are so hyped over the arcade games? You bought a 400 console to play geometry wars and street fighter? Their cool and all but these games get more play then actual 360 games. Street fighters a cool game though Live should add a new level to it in its defense.
Krimson  +   2983d ago
What's so hard to understand? I didn't buy my 360 for the live arcade but it doesn't we can't stop and enjoy the arcade titles once in a while. Have you never used a $2000 PC to play a NES emulator or a flash game?

"Their cool and all but these games get more play then actual 360 games"

No they don't. The big sellers are still the retail games. COD2, GRAW and Chromehounds are the ones toping the live charts, not Geo Wars and Marble Blast.
BIadestarX  +   2983d ago
"You bought a 400 console to play geometry wars and street fighter?" I bought the Xbox 360 to have fun; I don't expect you to understand but, you have no Idea how much fun a person can have playing UNO, Geometry wars, and now Street Fighter with people around the globe. You probably don't care about multi-play but many of us do. You can give me the best fighting game for any console, and if it does not allow me to play against/with my brother in Texas, cousin in Florida this means sh** to me. Who knows maybe you have your friends on call anytime you want to play games so they can come over and sit next to you. With the 360 I can play with my friends and family without them having to drive 28 hours. And unless the PS3 comes up with a service like Xbox live or better; Sony will not have my money.
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THAMMER1  +   2983d ago
Live arcade is awsome
I play with my 46 year old mother. And my wife and 3 year old little girl. I'm sorry the PS3 is not out yet but that is no cause for hate bro. That crap is getting old for real.
Cyclonus  +   2983d ago
Guys I cant wait!
Oh, and tommorow Im gonna "Shoryuken" ALL your asses!
tatical  +   2983d ago
SDS Overfiend  +   2982d ago
This is it! I hope There's is no lag.I've been a Hero Locally for a long time. This is the Only game Where nbo character is Dominant. And there are no real cheese factor's in this game. No Infinites, Trap,Guard Crushes Reversal to give andbody a way out. Get Ready the Name is The gamertag.
TheMART  +   2982d ago
It's on MP right now.

Go get it for 800 MP points, this will be fun on XBL! What about a news4gamers competition? ;)
filthpig2810  +   2982d ago
360 pad
anybody else having problems with the d-pad on this game this is the first thing ive found wrong with the 360 pad
jsuch2002  +   2982d ago
I will not be happy till I see The original Killer Instinct that was on Super Nintendo. THAT was the best fighting game ever. Rare was purchased by MS so CMON MS bring it back!!!!!

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