New study finds that violent video games can be healthy for kids

A new study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health has found that playing violent video games does not lead to violent behavior in teens. Researchers looked at more than 1,200 seventh and eight graders who played video games regularly. "We found that most boys 12-14 years old are playing mature-rated video games, so this idea that 'M' rated games cause shootings or major violence just doesn't hold water," said Cheryl Olson SC.D., Massachusetts General Hospital. The study also found that violent video games can help teens deal with their emotions like stress and anger.

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Whoooop3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

Even though this is just another study, it shows that there is always two sides of the same coin.

What is good for your can kill the person next to you. (don't know why I wrote this line, trying to sound intelligent i guess). Apparently I failed.. :)

It all sums up on the way you were raised and how your parents treated you.

Of course there are always exceptions, but a good family care and raising would be enough to let you kill all the fu*kers you want in video-games without affecting your personal and real life...

AppleSlime3950d ago

I doubt anyone will cover this story.

MikeJonesOK3950d ago

as for adults well thats another story

fopums3950d ago

but that cant be true becuase there is no such thing as bad has too be violent video games that make children killers

[end rant/sarcasm]

LeonSKennedy4Life3950d ago

Ohkay, while it's true they don't become's up to the parents to restrict games like Gears of War and The Darkness from their 8-year-olds!

Maybe it doesn't make them kill other humans, it does make them desensitised, cussword-throwing,

Video games...they put hair on your chest!

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