Nintendo Sales | Mario Party Wii Battles Against Hot Shots Golf PS3 in Japan

Following the news that retailers had pre-ordered 300,000 copies of Minna no Golf 5 on PS3 and 500,000 units of Mario Party 8 for Wii, both games have now hit Japan and their first day sales have been revealed. Check out the results below, plus lots of other information...

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ALIEN3890d ago

damn! that's good for SONY. The PS3 is doing pretty good worldwide.

AznSniper3890d ago

Good week for Japan indeed. Big hitters from all consoles. Mario Party 8 for Wii. Hot Shots Golf 5 for PS3. Oblivion for 360.

BubblesDAVERAGE3889d ago

They don't give a crap about oblivion over there...just to let you know

djt233889d ago

yea BubblesDAVERAGE is right
they are more into Jrpg (anime rpg) if they really like Oblivion it would sell little bit more

Bloodmask3889d ago

It must be nice living in your little box. When there is this thing called reality going on all around you.

The Japanese 360 owners wanted Oblivion so bad that they actually signed an online petition to have it localized. Do you ever think before you speak?
----------------------------- ----------------


Japan Wants Oblivion... In Japanese!
Whenever Japan gets some exclusive title, the rest of the world sits around waiting patiently for an English localization. Sometimes, we get it, sometimes, we don't. Japanese 360 owners can totally relate. An unlocalized NTSC-J version of the smash hit RPG The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion has gone on sale in Japan. A petition has been created (with over 250 entries), begging game maker Bethesda for a Japanese language localization. C'mon Bethesda, make this happen and throw these players a bone. There's nothing worse than not being able to play through something because of a language barrier. Brian Ashcraft

12:24 PM ON TUE AUG 1 2006

ngg123453889d ago

But 250 person petition isn't a huge game. I'm sorry. DMC4 got up to like 10,000 if I recall

Lord Anubis3889d ago

oblivion localized on 360 was a mistake. There aren't enough systems out there the other system has more systems out there that can run the game.

bootsielon3889d ago

...hardly success when you have titles that reach 2 million sales on its first day at the highest price point in japan (around the equivalent $90); I'm talking about Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. We'll see how well DQ IX does. Even Hot Shots and Mario Party sold 10 to 15 times that of oblivion on consoles which came out a year later. So I'm sorry, but the japanese didn't really want Oblivion. Just a few hardcore gamers. 35'000 is peanuts. Of course, not peanuts for Xbox 360... but Xbox 360 is peanuts in japan too so... peanuts. Halo 3 might even sell more than that in Japan on its first day out (yes, in Japan).

How can anyone possibly deny this?

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Odion3890d ago

ya postive news all around, gratz to every side

DiLeCtioN3889d ago

exactly but my next wii game has to be onlie am sick of mii channel n vote channel crap

Bathyj3889d ago

Is that Golf Demo still on the Japanese PSN store? I could never find it. Of course I might have been looking right at it and not known but I dont think so.

AznSniper3889d ago

It's gone due to the game being released already....but i think it's still at the Hong Kong PSN Store

paracardium3889d ago

300,000 a couple weeks ago.. golf must've gone up some .

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