More Heavenly Sword cutscenes

More video cutscenes of Playstation 3 exclusive game Heavenly Sword from Gamevideos.



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Loudninja3860d ago

Man good voices and great acting

MACHone3860d ago

I wanna watch these SO BAD! Gah, no, must... hang... on.... September 4th....

timmyp533860d ago

too much spoilers... September!

Premonition3860d ago

Gonna pre order heavenly sword this week along with Warhawk, cant wait to get that free bluetooth headset :)

hotshot12373860d ago

now im REALLY getting excited about heavenly sword. honestly how do u guys think this game stacks up against god of war

unsunghero283860d ago

I'm really psyched for this game. I'll admit, it wasn't quite as impressed with this cutscene as that last one with the villains... and I never did what the deal is with her hair...

But overall, quite impressive.

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The story is too old to be commented.